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Why Our Modal Blend is Softer and More Sustainable than Cotton

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Thinx - Periodical - Why Our Modal Blend is Softer and More Sustainable than Cotton

by Team Thinx | 12/04/2022

When we designed our Modal Cotton collection, we were on a mission to make our Thinx period underwear *even* softer while helping you reduce waste from disposable products. Oh, and spoiler alert: we did just that.

Using consciously-sourced materials, our unique cotton modal blend offers a more breathable and cozy option for your period week (and beyond). So what's the debate with modal fabric vs cotton? Let's find out how these two cotton fabrics differ from each other.

what is Modal Cotton?

Well, it’s 53% SUPIMA® Cotton, 35% TENCEL™ Modal, and 12% Elastane, to be exact. This upgraded cotton blend uses less water during production — a more environmentally conscious choice than pads, tampons, & other period underwear.

SUPIMA®️ cotton is grown in the USA and constructed with higher quality raw materials, making it softer, stretchier, and more durable than regular cotton. TENCEL™️ Modal is a plant-based textile made from beech tree pulp, which is biodegradable. Modal rayon fabric and modal fiber are known to make up some of the softest cotton fabric, making it the best fabric for cotton underwear. The resulting blend is an all-natural fabric with a superior feel — that just so happens to be our most breathable, lightweight, and planet-friendly fabric yet.

why SUPIMA® Cotton?

SUPIMA® Cotton is constructed with high quality raw materials, resulting in a silky-smooth and buttery-soft texture. Its natural fiber gives you a feeling of softness and breathability that's unmatched by regular cotton underwear. So not only is it inherently softer on your skin and more luxurious than regular carded cotton — there’s also the added bonus that it resists pilling and gets *even* softer over time. Our Modal Cotton period underwear styles also feature extended gussets in both the front and the back for extra leak coverage. Win-win-win.

Plus, the SUPIMA® cotton in our Modal Cotton period underwear collection is sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). BCI is a non-profit organization focused on improving ethical global cotton production processes for farmers and environmental impact. They own and steward the Better Cotton Standard System — a system which encompasses a diverse range of activities and stakeholders from cotton production and manufacturing process, through the cotton supply chain to consumer-facing retailers and brands.

what makes this modal cotton blend more sustainable than pure cotton?

Pure cotton, while a widely used fabric, is not as sustainable as alternatives like TENCEL™ Modal blends. The cultivation of conventional cotton often involves heavy pesticide and chemical use, leading to soil degradation, water pollution, and harm to ecosystems. Additionally, cotton farming typically demands significant water resources, contributing to water scarcity issues in certain regions.

In contrast, TENCEL™ Modal fibers originate from renewable raw material beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests, and are compostable and biodegradable. TENCEL™ Modal has a lower environmental impact than generic modal, using 3x less water and depleting 8x less fossil fuels. Plus, due to its natural properties, TENCEL™️ Modal fabric retains superior quality & performance over time.

can I wear Thinx Modal Cotton if I have sensitive skin?

Our Modal Cotton collection is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. As an all-natural fabric made with natural fiber, Modal Cotton should not irritate your skin if you typically wear cotton, and should only get softer over time with washing. Modal clothing and modal garments are the best fabric and cotton fiber for sensitive skin due to their softness, breathability, and moisture.

what styles are available in Modal Cotton?

Our Modal Cotton collection consists of six essential underwear styles in a range of absorbency levels, for cozy-comfy protection from your lightest to your heaviest days.

  1. Modal Cotton Brief — a classic full-coverage style, available in our superheavy, and moderate absorbencies for cycle-long protection

  2. Modal Cotton Boyshort — a full-coverage, gender-neutral style with a lil’ extra length in the leg (absorbs up to 5 regular tampons’ worth of flow)

  3. Modal Cotton Bikini — an everyday bikini silhouette with a slightly higher rise (absorbs up to 3 regular tampons’ worth)

  4. Modal Cotton Thong — a minimal-coverage style that’s perfect for those just-in-case days (absorbs up to 1 regular tampon’s worth)

  5. Modal Cotton Lace Hi-Waist — a high-rise, full-coverage style with stylish lace detailing (absorbs up to 4 regular tampons' worth)

  6. Modal Cotton Lace Brief — a classic full-coverage style with stylish lace detailing (absorbs up to 4 regular tampons' worth)

Have you tried our Modal Cotton collection? Which styles are your must-haves when you’re on your period? Let us know in the comments!

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by Team Thinx

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