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Choosing the Right Speax Underwear for You

Choosing the Right Speax Underwear for You Photo

by Team Thinx

Women ask us all the time which Speax style is right for them, so we made a guide to help you pick and choose the cut and absorbency that’s best for you. After all, leak anxiety is very real, and it’s important to feel confident in whatever absorbent underwear style you choose.

Between the different Speax cuts and absorbencies, you can rest assured there’s a perfect fit for your unique body (and sometimes multiple perfect fits, which is where our panty packs come in handy). All five styles hold up to eight teaspoons of liquid (aside from the light absorbency Thong— it holds six teaspoons!), and have the same patented tech built into the gusset to keep you feeling fresh and dry all day.

Picking the right Speax style for you really just means choosing your favorite flattering cut:


It’s our best-selling style! Probably because it’s like an all-day hug for your lower half. Hi-waist is perfect under dresses or high-rise pants (or on it’s own when you’re having a quiet Sunday morning coffee moment at home) and it’s never met a body type it couldn’t flatter. Many customers reach out and ask which style most resembles a classic brief, and Hi-waist is the answer. Holds up to eight teaspoons.


Second only to Hi-waist, the Hiphugger sits comfortably on your hips like a traditional cut, but the Speax Hiphugger has the added bonus and security of leak protection. It’s a great lower-rise option if Hi-waist isn’t your everyday look, and it holds the same amount of liquid— eight teaspoons.

French Cut

This style was created through feedback from 500 members of our Speax community, and we think it’s our haut-est pair yet. The high thigh lines will elongate your legs, and this cut offers the best of both worlds: tummy and leak protection (up to eight teaspoons!) that still looks cute. Strongly encourage wearing French Cut on pants-optional days.


The cousin of the Hiphugger, the Bikini leaves a little less to the imagination in the back, but gives you the same eight-teaspoon leak protection as its hip-hugging relative. Several 

Speax staffers can attest that the Bikini is the perfect cut for sitting below a pregnant tummy, and many women say it’s their favorite everyday pair.


A lighter absorbency than the other styles, the Thong holds up to three teaspoons of liquid. This one is another staff favorite, because who actually wants visible pantylines? The Thong is perfect under yoga pants, skinny jeans, leotards, spandex shorts— you get the idea. It’s superpower is invisibility: giving you that added leak-protection while feeling barely there.

Every pair comes with a 60-day refund guarantee, so feel free to test which fit is right for you without worrying too much about commitment.

Which Speax style is on your wishlist? Share in the comments below!

Posted: July 31, 2019

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one new subscriber wins a free pair of Thinx every day! see rules

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