What are Speax?

Speax are absorbent underwear for bladder leaks — made to replace disposable pantyliners.

How Speax undies work

  • ABSORBS LEAKSAbsorbent underwear that holds up to 8 teaspoons of liquid.
  • RESISTS ODORSTraps unwanted smells so you feel fresh and worry-free.
  • KEEPS YOU DRYBreathable moisture barrier that helps protect from wetness.
  • ECO-FRIENDLYDitch pantyliners for good — kinder on you and the planet.

Speax products come in different absorbencies

  • Hi-Waist, Hiphugger, French Cut, and Bikini hold the same as:

  • 6.5


  • 2.2


  • 8


  • 40


  • Thong holds the same as:

  • 2.5


  • 0.8


  • 3


  • 15


How Speax work for you

Check out how our undies make managing bladder leaks easier for some of our biggest fans.


Sandra used to be able to keep track of her leak triggers, but sometimes you just never know!


After developing leaks postpartum, Sharon thought pantyliners were her only option.


When leaks became a daily worry, Stella struggled to feel like herself.


Sylvia loves staying fit with at-home workouts, but struggled with leaks during exercise.

Care instructions

WashMachine wash your Speax on cold,
without bleach or fabric softener.
DryTumble dry on low or hang dry.
To preserve elasticity, do not iron!
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Goodbye liners, hello Speax

Find out why Speax are better for your comfort, convenience, and carbon footprint.

Common questions

  • Where does the pee go?

    Speax is built with 4 ultra-thin layers of absorbency technology, located in the gusset of the underwear. The tech is moisture-eliminating, odor-resistant, and keeps you dry all day.

  • Will I feel wet?

    As long as your undies are holding 8 teaspoons of liquid or less (depending on the style), you'll be dry throughout the day, thanks to our absorbent, moisture-wicking technology.

  • Will I smell?

    Nope! Speax features odor control technology to absorb and neutralize smells, so you can focus on feeling fresh and doin' your thing.

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