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Felicity Jones Says That Being Sexy "Isn't A Priority" for Her Star Wars: Rogue One Character

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Felicity Jones Says That Being Sexy "Isn't A Priority" for Her Star Wars: Rogue One Character Photo

by Kelsey Duchesne | December 27, 2016

Felicity Jones sat down with Glamour this week to discuss her character Jyn Erso in Star Wars: Rogue One. After describing the central character as a “very contemporary, kick-ass Disney princess”, Jones was quick to shut down any sexist stereotypes that can accompany female action stars (i.e. you’re not gonna see Jyn rockin’ a tank top and hot pants as she defends the galaxy.)

When Glamour asked Jones if she had to “push back against attempts to sex it up,” she was quick to clarify that neither she nor the producers were interested in making that a priority. “Everyone wanted to create a character that was not in any way objectified. We didn’t want to sexualize Jyn,” Jones told Glamour. She commented that a friend of hers especially connected with Jyn because she looked and dressed like a real woman-- one with a very big to-do schedule. “[My friend said] I love that Jyn looks how we look, with trousers and a long-sleeved top,” Jones revealed. “We aren’t in hot pants.”

Felicity Jones in Star Wars: Rogue One @LUCASFILM

Jones also confirmed that she is a proud feminist, and her colleagues on the film were as well (a feminist action movie that doesn’t make the girl a hot brainy scientist that is allegedly smart but has 2 lines and a passionate make-out scene? I’ll take 10 tickets, plz!) “I’ve always been a feminist, and what I love in my work is being able to explore a full-sided woman and not patronize her,” Jones said. “Particularly with Jyn, it’s such a rare opportunity to be able to play a female who’s not just thinking about [romantic] relationships.”

Not only are we excited to see the film, but are pleased to know that this is another prime and important opportunity for young girls to see a dynamic female action and adventure character on screen. Action figures for all!

by Kelsey Duchesne

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