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Leakproof period underwear for teens.

  • Specially designed<br/> to fit teens

    Specially designed
    to fit teens

  • Made with <br/> breathable cotton

    Made with
    breathable cotton

Fresh Start Period Kits

Our best-selling Kits include multiple pairs of Thinx Teens for cycle-long protection.

5 out 7 droplets
Thinx Teens - 3-Pair Bikini Kit - Black - collectionFront
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3 Bikini

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5 out 7 droplets
Thinx-Teens All-Day-3-Pair-Brief-Kit Black collectionFront
Color Set

3 Brief

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We don't just make period undies for teens

Check out our reusable period underwear and underwear for bladder leaks!

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