How Thinx Teens works

Our innovative period underwear is designed to absorb teens’ flow and prevent leaks all day for up to 12 hours. They look and feel just like regular undies, so teens can feel comfortable and confident any day of their cycle.

Over a purple abstract shape, a hand is holding up a pair of Thinx Teens reusable period underwear with the gusset exposed.

Thinx Teens are designed to absorb your period. They're just as comfy as regular undies and can be worn alone or as back-up with other period products for extra leak protection.

Leakproof period undies

Watch this video to see how our period undies can absorb teens’ period while keeping them fresh and dry.

  • Black illustration of water droplet to indicate absorbent.


    Holds up to 12 reg. tampons’ or 3 reg. pads’ worth

  • Black illustration of the letter X to indicate leakproof.


    Guards against leaks all day for up to 12 hours

  • Black illustration of a sun to indicate dry feel.

    Dry feel

    Wicks moisture to help teens stay dry

  • Black illustration of abstract shape with three dots inside to indicate odor control.

    Controls odors

    Helps minimize odors to keep teens feeling fresh

Wash & reuse

Wash before wear, machine wash cold, line dry. Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean. Replace your Thinx at 30 washes.

  • Machine wash cold

  • Line dry

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( Q )

Do Thinx Teens get bulky or feel wet?

( A )

No! Our undies are lightweight but super absorbent — so it’ll keep you protected without feeling bulky. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, so you’ll always feel fresh + dry.

( Q )

How long can I wear Thinx Teens to prevent leaks?

( A )

For some, our 5 regular tampon absorbency undies can last all day, but every flow is different. We suggest you try Thinx Teens at home first to understand how it works for you!

( Q )

How much does Thinx Teens hold?

( A )

Each pair holds up to 5 regular tampons’ worth of flow. No other period products are needed. Try Thinx Teens at home to understand how it works for your flow.

Got questions about your period?

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