Ethical, sustainable manufacturing

At Thinx Teens, we craft our underwear carefully and consciously. From sustainable manufacturing processes to ethical working conditions, we ensure that every pair is made with mindfulness and dignity.

our eco-friendly partner

We’re proud to work with MAS, a global leader in ethical manufacturing. MAS promotes environmental sustainability and has high goals for zero-waste production. They’re committed to sustainable systemic change and have implemented new measures for change!

MAS operates under three pillars:

  • Products changed for good

    By working with MAS, they’re helping us create more sustainable, longer-lasting products from natural raw materials that can be recycled at the end of their lifespan! Their facility also focuses on upcycling any fabric waste into new products.

  • Our planet changed for good

    MAS transforms 100% of non-hazardous waste and has safe chemical management practices to reduce human and environmental impact. We also work on reducing water usage and factory emissions.

  • Lives changed for good

    MAS is a world-class workplace that helps their employees thrive. They prioritize diversity, inclusion, well-being, fair pay, and performance-based recognition — and also have programs like Women Go Beyond, which creates opportunities for women.

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