Thinx Inc.

Hi! We're Thinx Inc. — better known as our family of brands, Thinx, Thinx Teens, and Thinx for All Leaks. Our vision is a healthier world through sustainable solutions to menstruation and incontinence. Since 2013, we've been on a mission to be the most innovative leader at creating comfortable and inclusive products for all of life's leaks, while sparking conversation and building community along the way.

The *very* long trek to innovation

Thinx Inc. Timeline
  • leaves & papyrus

    The first period &
    bladder leak products

  • menstrual pad

  • cloths

  • tampons

  • menstrual cup

  • first adult diaper

  • Thinx period underwear launches

  • Our first bladder leak underwear launches

  • Our period undies
    for teens launches

  • Thinx for All™ period
    underwear launches

  • Thinx Inc. keeps

Our history

We’ve been breaking taboos since 2013, and we’re just getting started. Our Thinx underwear was the first period innovation in *literally* 76 years, and we completely reimagined the bladder leak experience with our absorbent Thinx for All Leaks underwear. From the New York City subway to the pages of Vogue, the Thinx company is one of the most well-known, awarded, & recognizable period and incontinence underwear brands out there, providing a more sustainable solution to 1.3 million people worldwide.

Our purpose

We make comfortable, absorbent products that keep you covered at every stage of your life — from period underwear & apparel for adults, to teen period underwear for first and early periods, to incontinence underwear that absorbs bladder leaks. But that's not all — we're committed to paying it forward through our giveback programs and initiatives. With every purchase, you're supporting our mission to empower every body through access to period products. Learn more here.

We have solutions for every body in one place

  • model wearing a pair of Thinx comfort stretch hi-waist in plum
    thinx brand logothinx

    Underwear that absorbs your period

  • teen holding a pair of the all day brief in hot pink
    thinx-teens brand logothinx-teens

    Period underwear for teens

  • A woman wearing a pink shirt and wearing a pair of Thinx for All Leaks in slate
    thinx-for-all-leaks brand logothinx-for-all-leaks

    Underwear for bladder leaks

The visionary team here at Thinx Inc. is deeply committed to changing the narrative around menstrual health and bladder leaks by creating a solutions-oriented future that moves beyond taboos. As a leader in the FemTech industry, we're proud of the progress we've made — but we know this is just the beginning.
Meghan Davis, CEO
GetBodyWise - About Us - Image Asset

empowering all with body literacy

Did you know half of adults have felt too ashamed or embarrassed to seek help when they have questions about their bodies? That’s why we created Get BodyWise. With better education around periods and bladder leaks, we can fight societal stigmas and help everyone become body literate.

learn more

Thinx Inc - Sustainability - OEKO-TEX® Certified

Our environmental commitment

We make reusable period underwear in an effort to reduce plastic waste from disposables. We work with MAS to create thoughtful products (without harmful chemicals) that always keep the Earth in mind — and help you live more sustainably!

We’re committed to accessibility

  • Community

    We’re always looking for ways to make menstrual products more accessible for our community — from our Thinx Leaders brand ambassador program to our various giveback initiatives.

  • Products

    Each product goes through a robust testing process to ensure that it meets the needs of our community, in line with our mission to make periods more comfortable for everyone.

  • Digital experience

    We make sure that our website meets accessibility requirements, to ensure that we’re providing an experience that's inclusive of all people visiting our Thinx company site.

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