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Tips For Feelin’ Sexy During Your Period



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Thinx - Periodical - Tips For Feelin’ Sexy During Your Period

by Dani J Berkowitz | 09/17/2019

It’s no secret that when we’re on our period, we tend to feel fatigued, bloated, crampy… the list goes on. 

On that list, it’s likely that feeling *sexy* is pretty far down and not a mindset easily accessed during this week of our cycle. Typically when we think *sexy*, we think of being sexually suggestive and that may not be a go-to feeling (for some of us!). I do think that creating and practicing a ritual focused towards fulfilling a particular intention—like feeling sexy on your period—is a powerful way to make something that happens all the time feel special. So when I’m about to start my period, I try to prioritize amplifying every month’s experience… it’s so much more rewarding that just feeling like sh*t the whole week. Before I move on, I want to also say that it’s 100% still self care if you are more interested in lying around curled up in a ball all day—you do you, boo!

Check out some of my period week rituals that I’ve shared below — hopefully they’ll provide some inspiration for manifesting your inner sexy:

indulge in self-care

I’m all about finding peace in the hectic — and nothing winds me down like some good ole’ self-care. My girlfriend can tell you that nothing comes between me and my skincare during my period. Besides the usual facemask and bath, some simple ways I give myself some sexy self love is to change my sheets and (to be completely honest) grooming my hair (from my head down to my pubes) with coconut oil!

Figure out what makes *you* feel best, and make sure it’s an essential part of your period week routine!

get sexy *literally*

I’m not one to discriminate against any kind of sex, especially period sex! This is a highly underrated time during your cycle to feel turned on either by yourself or with a partner. (You may recall that Thinx created a period sex blanket last year, ah, what a time to be alive.) 

I love me a good date night alone with my vibrator (…yes, even though I live with my partner — just wait til we sync up!) especially after a hot shower during my towel time (Does anyone *not* spend 30 minutes in a towel?!).

choose a soothing scent

Aromatherapy is another great way to tap into sultry and sexy feelings during our cycle and as an overall natural remedy to menstrual cramps and fatigue. People have used essential oils to treat a variety of conditions ranging from headaches to heartburn, why not try them on periods? 

My personal favorite blend of essential oils is peppermint and lavender together and I love to put those in a diffuser so as soon as I get home my senses become activated and the serotonin starts flowin’. This scent is particular to my cycle and it reminds me that time has passed and we’re here at this special time again.

try Thinx Hi-Waist ;) 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite style of Thinx — no matter how crappy or bloated I feel, when I throw on this pair I feel as sexy as Betty Page or Lizzo. It also doesn’t hurt that the light shapewear feel of this style keeps me held like a hug on days I’m crampin’ up a storm without being too constrictive.

You can also now snag the Hi-Waist in our first pattern ever, Cleo. (Pretty sexy, if I do say so myself!)

queue up some sexy singles

Music is my religion. Between the ups and downs of my period, I find that music can heal me even on my most blah days. My absolute *come back to center* song during any kind of swing of emotion or physical change is “Maybe” by Janis Joplin. Give me candles. Give me life. 

And here is a special sexy playlist I’ve curated for you, my friends, to spark the sexy when you feel it the least. If you’re struggling to find your confidence, remember that our bodies are just doing what they are supposed to do, naturally, and that’s pretty damn sexy.

by Dani J Berkowitz

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