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by Meghan Davis, CEO, Thinx | 03/07/2024

a new chapter  

We are marking a new milestone for the Thinx brand and a new beginning for many of us.

Thinx officially joins Kimberly-Clark, home to some of the most recognizable brands in the world - Kotex, Kleenex, and Huggies. This evolution allows Thinx to benefit from their deep category expertise, impressive bench of innovation knowledge, and global scale, making the once lofty goal of being in every household feel more achievable than ever.

I am SO proud of the work we've done here. Joining Thinx was one of the most fulfilling decisions I ever made. My colleagues and I have strategically transformed the brand from being “loved by few” to “worn by millions,” from a DTC darling to the #1 selling reusable period underwear brand found on the shelves next to pads and tampons. 

Integrating into Kimberly-Clark is a testament to the successes of the entire Thinx team and will allow the once small startup to soar to new heights. This move allows Thinx to continue on its upward trajectory and further positions the brand to become a major player in period care. 

Disrupting a category and building a business is not without its trials and tribulations. We learned, we grew and we evolved with intention. We exhibited resilience and adapted to the new realities as the brand gained visibility and scale.  This has allowed us to push forward, challenge norms, and help shape the future of period care. 

And we are doing just that with new innovations dropping in a few short weeks. Having had the opportunity to use it myself, I know it will transform this category (yet again). 

Thinx is more than just a brand. It revolutionized FemCare by creating new options for menstruation and incontinence. It broke down stigmas associated with female health. And it championed access to period products for all. 

We are grateful for the amazing fans who have continued to support Thinx since day one. We hope you continue to love the brand as Kimberly-Clark continues to propel the business forward, putting its scale behind Thinx to reinforce its position as the category leader and driving innovation forward for millions of customers around the globe.

Forever a Thinx fan,

Meghan Davis

Thinx CEO

by Meghan Davis, CEO, Thinx

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