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Choosing the Right Thinx Size

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Thinx - Periodical - Choosing the Right Thinx Size

by Toni Brannagan | 07/17/2018

Online shopping for clothing can be stressful AF. I totally understand the anxiety of agonizing over a medium or a large... or should I get an extra large? Do these run small? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?

*Ahem.* But seriously, people ask us all the time about which size of Thinx they should be buying, and hopefully, that doesn't have to be such an agonizing decision. Thinx styles are completely true to size, which is why using our sizing chart is definitely your best bet for an accurate fit. It's also important to remember that our undies fit a little more snugly than your regular underwear, for max leak protection.

When it comes down to it, every body is different, and clothing will never look the same on everyone. But there's nothing wrong with that! It's all about finding what makes YOU the most comfortable. For reference, seven of my coworkers have posed in their Thinx, alongside the size, style, and their regular pant size (US sizing).

Got any online shopping sizing chart horror stories (okay, I mean, I should probably stop buying clothes on Amazon)? Share them with us in the comments!


Ilona is wearing a medium Sport, and normally wears size 4-6 pants. 

Jasmine is wearing a small Boyshort and normally wears size 2-4 pants.

Dani is wearing a large Black Hiphugger and normally wears size 12 pants.

Sarah is wearing a small Grey Cotton Thong and normally wears size 2-4 pants.

Lauren is wearing an extra large Hi-Waist and normally wears size 14 pants.

Laura is wearing a small Beige Cheeky and normally wears size 2 pants.

Maeve is wearing a small Black Cotton Brief, and normally wears size 2 pants.

Toni Brannagan is a writer and was the former Copy and Content Manager at Thinx.

by Toni Brannagan

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