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Thinx - Periodical - Our Commitment to Product Safety at Thinx

by Team Thinx | February 01, 2023

is period underwear dangerous? 

Here at Thinx, our mission has always been to produce safe, comfortable, and sustainable products for people with periods and bladder leaks.

You may be wondering: is it safe to wear Thinx? Should I stop wearing Thinx? Rest assured, consumer health and product safety are top priorities for us, and we stand by the quality, efficacy and safety of our products. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS, have never been part of the Thinx underwear product design and we continue to take measures to help ensure these substances are not added to our products.

Thinx product performance is achieved through our 3-layer construction and fabric, designed to pull fluid away from the body and help capture it.

how we help to ensure Thinx™ underwear is safe to wear

All underwear in the Thinx family of brands is independently certified through OEKO-TEX® 100 Class II, Annexure IV, which includes meeting the requirements for Europe’s Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) [20.HUS.04850 | HOHENSTEIN HTTI]. 

Thinx is a member of the Apparel and Footwear International RSL Management Group (AFIRM) and aligns with the AFIRM restricted substances list (RSL) for suppliers of raw materials. We require suppliers of our raw materials to sign a Supplier Code of Conduct and Chemical Supplier Agreement confirming compliance to the AFIRM RSL, including the AFIRM restrictions on PFAS.

our view on the Thinx lawsuit settlement

The class action lawsuit Thinx settled related to how products were marketed, and was not about injuries or harm caused by the products. The settlement included no admission of wrongdoing by Thinx. We have chosen to resolve this matter so that we can focus our attention on doing what our brand does best — bringing innovative, safe, and comfortable leak protection underwear to our customers.

looking ahead: our ongoing commitment to Thinx product safety 

Customer safety remains our top priority and we believe in being transparent about how our products are made. Thinx has always had strong product safety protocols, such as rigorous testing and third-party certification of its products. We will continue to perform material reviews and have our suppliers confirm compliance with our protocols and third-party standards. We remain committed to continuously improving our processes and controls, and strive to be an industry leader in setting standards for product quality and safety.

To learn more about our products, visit our product safety page.

by Team Thinx

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