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Our Team’s Fave Black-owned Businesses

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Our Team’s Fave Black-owned Businesses Photo

by Toni Brannagan | 07/09/2020

The best way to sustain ongoing action is to make it a part of your everyday life. If you’re looking for a direct way to support the Black community, one impactful method is by shopping Black-owned when you can. 

Making active decisions about where your hard-earned money goes (as often as you can), especially for the things you were gonna buy anyway, can really make a difference! From hair care to period products (of course!) to coffee, here are our team’s recommendations for businesses you can purchase from online, and in our home-base of NYC.

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[Briogeo Hair

](“Briogeo Banana and Coconut shampoo and conditioner is the best smelling hair product I’ve ever used, to the point where there is a ‘do not eat’ disclaimer on the bottle — it’s THAT good.” -Juliana, Manager, Community and Brand Partnerships

BeautyStat Cosmetics

“I decided to try the BeautyStat Vitamin C Serum on a whim, and I really love that it's creamier/more of a lotion texture than a lot of serums, and also a lot more gentle than previous vitamin c products I've used. There are cruelty-free clinical studies on it, stating the benefits of this antioxidant powerhouse and it was formulated by a chemist, Ron Robinson, who is behind a ton of name brand and luxury skin care items. The bonus is this one is actually affordable! I definitely notice a difference in my skin, after only using it for about a month.” -Avita, Executive Assistant

The HoneyPot Company

“I use their organic tampons with my Thinx during my heaviest days. I love the fact that they don’t contain chemicals, fragrances, pesticides, etc. It gives me peace of mind to know what I am putting in my body, and I've noticed that my periods have surprisingly gotten shorter and my cramps have improved since switching over to organic tampons. It can't be a coincidence and I would implore anyone to switch over to organic/natural tampons, as this is such an intimate and sensitive area of the body!" -Chiana, Account Manager of Partnerships

The Lit. Bar

“When they’re open, The Lit. Bar is a bookstore and also a bar, so the best place ever. In the meantime, you can order books from them online!” -Marley, Growth Marketing Associate


“I’m very obsessed with this jewelry, which is all handmade from upcycled materials in Astoria, NY. I’m an earrings gal, and always get tons of compliments when I’m wearing Yam! Also, nbd, Lizzo wore these earrings in the ‘Good As Hell’ music video.” -Toni, Content Editor 

Sydney’s Sweets

"My husband grew up in West Hempstead and that's how we found Sydney Sweets. You can actually sample their cakes and cupcakes before deciding! Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting is my personal favorite. Everything in that store is made from scratch and there is always something new to try. The bakers are incredible artists as well — just check out their pictures and reviews!" -Mona, Senior Director of Product and Sourcing

(Note: You can also ship them nationwide!)


“Not a specific rec, but I have aspirations to try more bottles from this list of Black-owned wine labels!” -Ashley, Retention/Email Marketer

Black-owned businesses located in NYC

As an NYC-based team, it would be remiss if we didn’t shout out some of our neighborhood faves!


"You can get your daily coffee, lunch, or have a nice dinner in the evening. Their fried fish sandwich and their sweet potato fries are my go-to." -Morgan, Front End Engineer 


“Yardy is this magical intersection of Caribbean food, art, and queerness! They only deliver in Brooklyn, but other boroughs can request delivery through email. Try their Dry Rub, Scotch Bonnet Aioli, or their exquisite (must-have) Carrot Cake!”  -Shaobo, Digital Designer

Urban Vegan Kitchen

“Many vegan/veg restaurants don't have a full bar or live music but this one does, for when the world opens up again! The buffalo ‘wings’ are a must.” - Hilary, VP of Brand


"A neighborhood gem! They make tasty juices and smoothies, and their sandwiches are all served on delicious homemade turmeric bread." -Ariela, Designer 

Cafe Rue Dix 

“Cafe Rue Dix has the best burger in the city! And be sure to get some of their housemade hot sauce, no matter what you order!!” -Amanda, Brand Copywriter

For a more robust directory of Black-owned businesses, check out What are your favorite Black-owned businesses? Share your recs in the comments!

Toni Brannagan is a writer and was the former Copy and Content Manager at Thinx.

by Toni Brannagan

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