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Tips for Washing Your Thinx Period Underwear

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Thinx - Periodical - Tips for Washing Your Thinx Period Underwear

by Team Thinx | 03/30/2022

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Brandi Jones, DO

So you’ve made the switch to Thinx period underwear — yay! Whether you’re just getting started using Thinx, or you’ve already swapped out all your disposable pads & tampons for our reusable period solution, you may be wondering: what’s the best way to clean my Thinx period underwear after a day of wear?

The good news is that washing your Thinx is *super* easy. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to keep your period undies clean and at maximum performance for the long haul — or roughly 40 washes, which is typically around 2 years.

Over a lifetime, the average person with a menstrual cycle uses about 17,000 disposable pads and tampons. That means that every year, 12 billion period products are thrown out (!!!). But did you know that in a lifetime of just using Thinx period underwear, you’d reduce your period waste by almost 300 lbs? By using (and properly washing!) your comfy, reusable Thinx period undies, you’re effortlessly saving millions of disposable period products like pads and tampons from landfills.

That’s why we make sure that Thinx are simple to care for, so you can use them again and again — just follow these easy steps for washing to make your period undies last and to remove unwanted period blood, period smells, and unwanted bacteria.

how to wash your Thinx period underwear:

1. wash before wear, then after each use.

Caring for your Thinx period underwear is a breeze: make sure to wash 'em before your first wear and with the rest of your laundry after each use.

Just throw your Thinx undies in with the rest of your laundry on a delicate or gentle cycle (your pants, shirts, and other clothes will be fine!) with mild detergent. If you’re machine-washing, make sure to wash ‘em on cold — the standard cold wash is 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (15-27 degrees Celsius). If you’re hand-washing, do not use cold or how water, instead, the water should feel close to room temperature. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, as these can break down the material.

In general, you should treat your Thinx period undies like you would any other delicates (your regular undies or bras). A good rule of thumb to prolong the life cycle of *all* your garments is to go low on the heat! In general, washing cold and hang drying is a great way to preserve elasticity and add some wear to your garment’s life.

2. hang dry your Thinx or lay ‘em flat. 

Hang dry your Thinx absorbent underwear — preferably in a non-humid environment — and wait for them to dry completely before putting them away. Do not iron! Again, this ensures that the elasticity at the seams and the gusset stays in tip-top shape, so that your undies can continue to absorb your flow & prevent period blood leaks with ease.

3. reuse your period underwear again & again!

Over the years, we’ve come up with some handy tips & tricks for washing your Thinx. Many folks like to rinse their period undies in the shower (make sure the water is cold!) before throwing ‘em in with the rest of their laundry. Others recommend putting all their Thinx in a washable mesh delicates bag to avoid any accidental machine-drying. Some people even swear by cleaning their Thinx in a salad spinner (yes, seriously!) as a way to wash at home without having to head to the laundromat.

Also, it's possible for absorbed menstrual blood to build up in the gusset, which may cause an odor or affect the performance of your period-absorbing underwear. If you're wondering how to get the smell out of your period undwear or think your Thinx need a lil' extra love, try a vinegar soak. Before you wash your Thinx, soak them in the sink or a clean tub with one cup of white vinegar and some cold water. Leave them there for about 15 to 30 minutes, then go ahead and throw ‘em in the washing machine. You can add a little white vinegar to the wash too, if you think they need it.

can I wash Thinx with my other clothes?

Washing Thinx with the rest of your laundry is perfectly hygienic and won’t stain your other clothes — washing machines will dilute the menstrual blood almost immediately, and other garments will not stain if you're washing on cold. If you’re still concerned, you can always give your undies a quick cold water rinse after use, allow them to fully dry, and then throw them in the hamper for laundry day.

how long do they take to dry?

The drying time of our period underwear depends on the style — moderate absorbency styles shouldn’t take longer than 10-12 hours to dry, and super absorbency styles shouldn’t take longer than 19 hours to dry, under non-humid conditions. These drying times may be affected by humidity levels and airflow depending on where you hang them up. Pro tip: try out our quick-drying Thinx air™️ collection, made from an ultra-thin and lightweight micromesh that’s perfect for exercise, travel, or any other time you need your undies dried fast.

what if I accidentally put them in the dryer?

If your undies accidentally go through the dryer, don't panic! Thinx period underwear can take a tumble or two in a dryer without affecting their integrity. To prolong their lifespan, however, we recommend steering clear of the dryer for the most part. The heat from dryers or irons will hurt the elasticity of the undies, which is what keeps leaks in. Using a mesh laundry bag to keep your Thinx undies separate from the rest of your clothes makes transferring to the dryer a breeze!

why shouldn’t I use fabric softener when washing my Thinx?

​​We advise against using fabric softener because it breaks down the built-in gusset technology and the bonding around the seams. Fabric softener works by coating the yarns of fabric to make it feel more soft. When you use fabric softener on our products, over time, it basically renders the gusset materials both less absorbent and less effective at preventing odors.

what are these light rust-colored stains in my underwear?

Believe it or not, your vagina can bleach your underwear! As you may know, vaginas have a naturally acidic pH, and for some folks, that acidity fluctuates so that it interacts with the underwear’s fabric, causing those bleached spots you may see in your undies — especially if they have a dark colored gusset, like Thinx underwear. It’s totally normal!

Do you have any other tips or tricks for washing your Thinx period undies? Share ‘em with us in the comments section below!

Dr. Brandi Jones, DO is a board certified Obstetrician Gynecologist serving some of the most vulnerable residents of the District of Columbia in a community health center based practice. She is a graduate of Hampton University, and earned her medical degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Jones is an outdoor cycling novice with big goals, and enjoys international travel experiences.

by Team Thinx

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