What's The Best Piece Of Advice Your Mom Gave You?



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What's The Best Piece Of Advice Your Mom Gave You? Photo

by Team Thinx | 05/12/2017

Is it depressing if the most resonant piece of advice my mom ever gave me was: "Not everyone is going to like you and that's ok."

Melissa Jesser, Customer Experience and Events Lead

My mom is the reason why I am a strong, courageous, independent woman. Her sharp honesty, practical common sense and strong will have inspired me and truly shaped who I am today. Don't misinterpret this with the fact that my mom is also a fun-loving woman, who taught me how to enjoy the little things in life and how to love profoundly. Her go-to advice is “cortar por lo sano”, which best translates to “know when to let things go for your own sanity.”

Marialuisa Mendiola, Customer Experience Associate

My mum has always said “manners maketh the man.” It was a piece of advice that was handed down by her father and, although it sounds somewhat archaic, it has proved invaluable in my life. Just being polite to those around you will create a harmony between you and others.

Euan Murphy, Design Intern

My mom is southern so she has a whole arsenal of great sayings and advice, but my personal favorite is: "That which doesn't kill you....just hurts a lot."
It's not exactly advice, per se, but I remember she said it to me when I was going through a really tough experience and it made me laugh, and was a good reminder that even when life is hard, try not to take it too seriously.

Kejal Macdonald, VP of Marketing/VPee of Icon, THINX

“Don't wait for things to happen, always take the initiative to make it happen yourself.”

Miles Barretto, Designer

“Never scrape the icing off your cupcake.”

Maeve Roughton, Head of Content

My mom always tells me “you are more likely to regret NOT doing things than doing them” whenever I am hesitating or being indecisive. Her other fave is “The Dalai Lama says be kind”. Oh, and “take a cardigan, in case you get cold” (Jewish mothers, ammiright?).

Mia Abrahams, Content Editor

My mom says: “If you want to lose your culture, close your door”. It’s a Persian thing… we’re always open and hospitable!

Daniella Sakhai, Growth Marketing

“You are what you eat”.

Supisara Ngaovithunvong, Designer

My Mom didn't give advice, she embodied fearless love. And I think that's the best advice of all.

Jasmin Jenkins, Community + Events

Happy Mother's Day from THINX! What's the best piece of advice your mom ever gave you? Let us know in the comments!

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