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empowering all who pee and bleed with shame-free body literacy

it’s time to shake the stigma

Misinformation about our bodies is everywhere. In fact, 8 in 10 teens and adults agree we need more in-depth education around menstrual health. That’s where we come in. With better education around periods and bladder leaks, we can fight societal stigmas and help everyone Get BodyWise.


educational resources

Got body questions? We're always adding useful, engaging, doctor-reviewed content for body literacy. No topic is too taboo.

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what is body literacy?

Do you know your 'normal'? Follow this quick guide to spark curiosity and take action to improve your body literacy.

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5 myths for non-menstruators

Period knowledge isn't just for menstruators anymore. Test your knowledge against these common myths.

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Dr. Bala

learn from Dr. Bala

With Dr. Saru Bala, a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women's hormonal health, we’re providing educational videos to help everyone get to know their body better. No shame here.

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Access to Products

access to products

Changing the conversation around body literacy also means combatting period poverty, or lack of access to period products. We’re partnering with like-minded organizations to help bring leak protection products to communities who need them most.

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Over 185,000 pairs of Thinx donated last year

We’ve donated products to grassroots organizations around the world to help to alleviate period poverty, and we’re not stopping there.

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community partners

community partners

We’re taking the next step in destigmatizing periods and bladder leaks, by conducting research and amplifying voices that advocate for body literacy.

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