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Introducing Get BodyWise: Challenging stigmas with shame-free body education



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Get BodyWise: AI

by Team Thinx | 27/03/2024

Our society has a body literacy problem. We know this from our 2023 State of the Period survey, which found that nearly 80% of teens say they are taught more about the biology of frogs than the human female body in school, and more than half of adults who menstruate feel too ashamed or embarrassed to seek help when they have questions about their bodies. This lack of information and confusion around normal body functions, leads to misconceptions, inaccuracies and biases causing shame and embarrassment around our bodies. 

That’s why we launched Get BodyWise, an online platform to normalize conversations and finally stop shame around periods. A dedicated hub with helpful educational tools and information, Get BodyWise will also work to combat period poverty by providing access to leak protection products through strategic nonprofit partnerships. With better education around periods and bladder leaks, we can fight societal stigmas and help everyone Get BodyWise.

To spread the word about the importance of body literacy, we created a campaign that illustrates how societal menstruation stigmas are perpetuated in AI. We were inspired by the inaccurate portrayal of women experiencing menstruation and menopause on visual AI platforms — which is a direct reflection of our misinformation as a society. 

The campaign, created by the agency BBDO Los Angeles, features a collection of visuals inspired by AI outputs. When platforms were prompted with straightforward requests like ‘a girl during puberty’ or ‘woman during menopause,’ many showcased states of shame or guilt for searches of normal bodily functions.

We think it’s time to challenge society’s stigmas and misinformation, and help everyone become body literate. provides a safe space for need-to-know information to foster a deeper understanding of menstrual health and body literacy. With new topics published quarterly and focusing on every life stage — from teen’s first period to postpartum and menopause — the hub will feature a variety of educational articles and activities, and videos featuring Dr. Saru Bala, licensed naturopathic doctor and Thinx partner.

I’ve seen firsthand how my patients struggle to understand what is normal when it comes to their health due to the perception that the topic is taboo or can’t be openly discussed,” said Dr. Saru Bala, ND. “By promoting body literacy, we help women become self advocates and embrace open conversations that combat the notion that menstruation and menopause are shameful.” 

To further its commitment to combating these stigmas, Thinx joined the UN Women UnStereotype Alliance this year to highlight the need to eradicate harmful stereotypes in media and advertising content. Additionally, we took center stage at MAKERS to spark conversation around body literacy and to call for action among brands, leaders, and individuals to Get BodyWise.

To get educated about body literacy and help us fight societal stigmas, visit

by Team Thinx

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