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Watch as comedians Natasha Leggero & X Mayo put all day absorbency to the test during a 12-hour road trip!

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by Team Thinx | 07/05/2024

Our team has been hard at work for more than two years, innovating, designing and creating our newest styles featuring all day absorbency. These new styles feature our unique LeakSafe™ Barrier and patent-pending 4-layer gusset to help prevent leaks (and worries) for up to 12 hours.  

 But we know seeing is believing, so we enlisted comedians Natasha Leggero and X Mayo to embark on a 12-hour road trip through Southern California. And yes, they were both on their period. Watch as Natasha and X Mayo hit the road. 

Shot over the course of one day, the interactions between Natasha and X are genuine, as all the jokes, antics, and stories were ad-libbed between the friends. From candid conversations about menstruation to jokes and shenanigans, the two put Thinx to the test while sharing many laughs along the way.  

The newest Thinx styles are intentionally designed to provide up to 12-hour leakproof protection. Meaning you can feel confident in your Thinx underwear with less of a need for disposable products and less fear of a mid-day underwear change, even on your heavy days.  Product testing found these latest styles can absorb up to 12 regular tampons or three menstrual cups worth of flow. 

The latest technology and design from Thinx will be rolling out across the brand's range of period products as all day absorbency over the next few months. This innovation underscores the brand's mission to improve standards in period care, helping ensure those who menstruate can feel dry, comfortable, and relaxed all day long. 

by Team Thinx

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