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by Team Thinx | 15/05/2024

In a lab test, we put a replica of a real menstruating human in period underwear and yoga pants to see which brand could handle up to 12 hours of heavy flow. 

We designed the replica, named Sam, to be as close of a representation of the human body as possible. We even made her legs “walk” for 5 miles to account for the movements a person might go through during a day on their period.  

For 12 hours each, Sam wore period underwear from 4 different brands with a pair of yoga pants. Afterward, we recorded the stains and saw that each of the other brands leaked through to the yoga pants. Only Thinx came out stain-free. 

Check out the video to see the results. Want to try our reliable leak protection for yourself? Our newest Thinx styles are made with leakproof protection up to 12 hours, thanks to our unique LeakSafe™ barrier. So you can go about your day in comfort and confidence.

by Team Thinx

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