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Thinx in Conversation with the National Menopause Foundation



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National menopause foundation

by Team Thinx | 15/02/2024

We’re proud to align with organizations that share our commitment to educating about body literacy, breaking stigmas, and addressing the diverse needs of individuals. This quarter, we are delighted to introduce our cart donation partner, the National Menopause Foundation, a powerhouse dedicated to supporting those navigating the transformative journey of menopause. 

We have the privilege of sitting down with Claire Gill, the founder and president of the National Menopause Foundation, an organization on a mission to empower, educate, and elevate the experiences of individuals navigating the transformative journey of menopause. We'll explore the foundation's origins, impactful initiatives, and why they choose to partner with companies like ours. This intersection of innovation, advocacy, and inclusivity mirrors our values at Thinx, where we help give people comfort during menstruation or incontinence with our revolutionary underwear, including Thinx for All Leaks bladder leak underwear.

Thinx: Reflecting on the foundation's journey, what sparked the creation of the National Menopause Foundation?

Gill: When I founded the National Menopause Foundation in 2019, I was perimenopausal and had been working in a healthcare non-profit for a number of years. I had access to resources and information about women’s health and menopause that most women didn’t know about. I was shocked that there wasn’t a national non-profit dedicated to this major life stage. I wanted everyone to have access to the same information and resources I had and to offer information in a way that was relatable, encouraging, and empowering. 

Thinx: Could you elaborate on the key initiatives and programs the National Menopause Foundation is currently spearheading to offer support to individuals navigating the complexities of menopause?

Gill: All of our activities are centered on the three areas of our mission – education, activism, and community building and are led by our Medical Advisory Committee members.

Our education activities include providing information and resources to help women navigate this stage of life. We created a Menopause Symptom Checklist for women to use to track their experience and to use it as a tool to speak with their healthcare provider about how to manage their symptoms. We are also excited to launch a new self-directed learning program at the end of March 2024 that will provide women with detailed information about the major symptoms of menopause.

Our activism efforts include launching the Women’s Midlife Health Policy Institute which aims to create a shared agenda on behalf of multiple women's healthcare advocacy groups. We will be hosting a Women’s Midlife Health Summit in Washington, D.C., in March 2024, that will bring together clinical experts, patient advocacy organizations, business executives, and policy leaders to create a shared action plan for addressing women’s midlife health. 

Thinx: Can you share specific instances where the impact has been particularly meaningful?

Gill: We were honored to partner with Bank of America in 2023 on the Breakthrough the Stigma: Menopause in the Workplace Study that was one of the first national surveys focused on insights into what women need and what employers offer to support women in the workplace who are experiencing the menopausal journey. 

Thinx: Are there specific advocacy efforts or policy changes the foundation is actively working on to improve the overall experiences of individuals navigating the menopause journey?

Gill: We’ve been partnering with other nonprofit leaders, clinical experts, and business leaders to promote new Congressional legislation to address the research gaps in understanding the menopausal transition. The Menopause Research and Equity Act of 2023 requires the Director of the National Institutes of Health to evaluate the results and status of completed and ongoing research related to menopause, perimenopause, or midlife women’s health, to conduct and support additional such research, and for other purposes.

Thinx: In terms of community engagement, how does the National Menopause Foundation actively involve and support its stakeholders? Are there any upcoming events, campaigns, or projects that the foundation is particularly excited about?

Gill: Our community building is primarily through our online peer-to-peer community called The Menopause Metamorphosis where people can anonymously ask questions and discuss their journey with other women. We will also be partnering with others in the menopause space to offer community-based educational programs throughout the coming year.

We’re working on a partnership with a company that will focus on providing live, local events in cities across the U.S. We’re also excited to host the Midlife Women’s Health Summit and have a short-term action plan in place to advance women’s midlife health policy initiatives. 

Thinx: Beyond monetary donations, how can individuals or other organizations contribute to and actively participate in furthering the National Menopause Foundation's mission?

Gill: To get involved people can join the Menopause Metamorphosis online community and reach out to us to share their journey in clinical education programs for healthcare providers. Please email [email protected] if interested in being part of these education panels. We’re also be developing ACTION DAYS on Capitol Hill and at state legislatures through the Midlife Women’s Health Policy Institute. We will have more information about how to participate available on our website in the near future -

Thinx: As we wrap up, is there anything specific you would like to share with our readers about the National Menopause Foundation or any key messages regarding the crucial importance of supporting individuals during the menopause transition?

Gill: I’m so excited by the conversations happening around menopause and women’s health. The National Menopause Foundation is proud to be on the forefront of advancing better access to education, care and support for women at midlife. There is so much work to be done, but together we can truly make a difference and change how people perceive, understand and experience menopause.

by Team Thinx

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