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Come As You Are: The Sex Toy Review

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Come As You Are: The Sex Toy Review Photo

by Team Thinx | 08/16/2017

Here at THINX, we have your best interests at heart — and by “interests”, we mean *getting urself off* (and PS. there are health benefits!!). So, I recruited two THINX Bunnies to try out some sex toys we’ve had our eyes on recently. All in a day’s work, ya know?

The Ora 2, or, “Can you really artificially simulate oral sex?”

First impressions? Very chic (“tongue in chic”, according to the website). But gold plating is really all well and good, what Bunny #1 was mostly interested in was seeing whether a toy could reenact one of her fave acts:

“I think i put too much hope into the Ora...because how can a toy simulate oral sex without a tongue? So I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out where to place the Ora, because honestly, I couldn't feel a thing! I tried the many different motions and speed options, and I think that it might work better if a partner were to use it with me. I was just way too focused on how to make it work rather than how to enjoy it.”

O(MFGGGG) Score: Sad to say (because who doesn't like testing out different vibrators and trying to climax??) the Ora didn't do anything for ya girl. Whomp. 3/10.

Who should use this? Ummm… maybe stick to the tongue for now?

Deets: $189, rechargeable (2 hours charge time / 1 hours use time), more here.

The JimmyJane Form 2, or, “So damn cuteeeeeeee-ahhhhhhAHHH”

Ok, so this gets like, all the points for being just super-_adorable. Think “pink anime bunny” but if the cute li’l ears were dedicated to clitoral stimulation (and our Bunny #1 was excited about that as that is her primary orgasmic ‘on’ switch). (_Editor’s note__: I have made it through 3 whole paragraphs of sex toy and bunny references and not brought up Sex and the City once — do I deserve the Pulitzer Prize??? No? Ok, as you were.)

“The Form 2 was MA GIRL. For being a little disappointed in my Ora, I had high expectations for the Form and knew exactly where I wanted to place it and how I wanted it to make me feel. SO I took the two ears, opened my lips (gettin' realllll personal!) and placed the ears around my clit. I started with the slowest setting to get myself going, increased it over the next 5 minutes (if it were to even take that long, wink), and then The Form and I were off!”

O(MFGGGG) Score: 9/10. “The Form 2, phew!”

Who should use this? “If you’re the kinda girl who needs clitoral action to get off, then this is for you! I think it would also be great for couples, because I know I love the hands-off experience and to give a partner of mine the reins.”

Deets: $149, waterproof, rechargeable via USB (4 hours of power), more info here.

Eva by Dame, or, “the millennial pink of sex toys”

Eva gets points for having really nice branding (srsly, check out the website), and Dame, the company that makes it, is run by two women who are dedicated to “openly empowering the sexual experiences of womankind.”  So yay for that.

Like Bunny #1, Bunny #2 said: “Like many women, I typically get stimulated and reach orgasm easiest by clitoral stimulation. Because I am constantly trying to expand my sexual and orgasmic capacity (as every woman should!), I opted for the Eva to balance clitoral and g-spot stimulation.” (I think this is what wellness bloggers mean when they talk about “balance”.)

“Eva's "arms" can be fixated under the labia majora, making it really easy to go hands-free (note: this toy is made especially for couples). But in order to feel the stimulation riding solo right on *the spot*, I actually closed my legs to create a tighter grasp, and that was really interesting considering I rarely ever orgasm with my legs closed! Who woulda thunk?! There are three vibrating settings on the Eva but I have to admit that I needed the third and highest setting to feel the power.

O(MFGGGG) Score: 10/10

Who should use this? Couples who want to jazz it up, or for some solo hands-free fun!

Deets: $105, water resistant, rechargeable via USB (5 hours of power on high, an hour on low), more info (and cute animations) here.

The Gigi, or, “Nothing like Buzz Lightyear (and that’s a good thing)”

Sleek, smooth, and unlike anything resembling a “huge veiny cock whose head spins and illuminates like a Buzz Lightyear toy at the Disney store,” which is honestly a great prerequisite for almost anything. It’s also handy: easy charging, usage, and cleaning instructions.

So what was the lowdown from Bunny #2?: “I knew that in order for me to use the Lelo internally I needed to be naturally lubricated. I should mention that on any regular week night when I need to masturbate, it usually takes less than a minute because I'm either watching porn or just so tired that the extra feel-good kick is all it takes to KTFO. But in the interest of scientific testing, I made an effort to zone in on my body, my vagina, and my go-to Janis Joplin vinyl.”

“Lelo has a sleek design and is pleasant to the touch. There is a console on the body of it that has several choices for vibration settings. This was actually a little more complicated than expected and because I was like READY2GO I just pressed a random button and turned it on to activate the vibrator at the tip of it. Lelo is an internal stimulator and so I wouldn't suggest using a toy like this unless you had a safe lube or you're naturally lubricated.”

Who should use this? Someone who enjoys internal stimulation.

Deets: $139, waterproof, rechargeable with usb, more info here.

*Advanced bonus DIY* – Lelo + Eva

Bunny #2 is nothing if not diligent! She combined both toys together and experienced a fantastic orgasm that she “honestly had to to take about 10 minutes to recover from.”

O(MFGGGG) Score: “9/10, but points only lost because I prefer clitorial stimulation.”

Phew! That’s all from us today folks, but I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Any toys you’d like us to try next? Ones that we missed you’re enjoying yourselves?

by Team Thinx

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