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The Thanksgiving Food Guide for Menstruating Humans

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The Thanksgiving Food Guide for Menstruating Humans Photo

by Kelsey Duchesne | 11/23/2016

It’s Thanksgiving, and you’ve already been awoken by sounds of pots clanging and extended family on a mission to find the remote. As you prepare for another day of family bonding, you feel a sharp twist in your stomach. At first, you reason with yourself. “It was the extra glass of wine after grandma's meatloaf,” you declare as you hustle to the bathroom, but you already know you have a your period on Thanksgiving. What else is there to do but bring on the turkey?

While it may seem like a drag, having your period on Thanksgiving has it’s benefits. Everyone around you is bloaty, docile, and just wants to lay on the couch after the meal, so your symptoms fit in with the masses. However, periods do complicate your digestive tract and produce some challenging outcomes (period poops mixed with heavy cramping, anyone?), so it may not be a terrible idea to load up on certain foods and potentially skip a few others. Here is the THINX Thanksgiving period guide, so you’re prepared for a day of feasting.


After putting on your best sweatpants and thickest socks, feel free to push past cousins and beeline for the coffee pot. Caffeine can actually be helpful in easing cramps, and it has a high antioxidant profile. So go ahead-- make yourself a cup. If you’re feeling especially overwhelmed, maybe make it an Irish coffee? (Just kidding.) (But maybe?)


This holiday really lines up well with period-induced feasting, because eating lean proteins can help keep your blood sugar in check! The best time to load on the protein? Dr. Jaclyn London, M.S., R.D., a senior dietician at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC told Women’s Health that afternoon is best. Weren't you planning on an afternoon of turkey gobbling anyway? Go forth, my friends!


You already knew this, right? Well, I am pleased to reaffirm that chocolate is a great snack for your period! Dark chocolate is specifically the best for your crampy couch vibes, as it releases endorphins, boosts energy, and is high in iron. Although I have NOT consulted a doctor on this, I am here to reaffirm that any type of chocolate is okay on Turkey day. Chocolate cream pie? Go for it. Grandma’s fudge? Why not? It’s the holidays, and watching your sibling scarf up the last of your beloved childhood treat may possibly be a bigger health risk, amirite?


It’s important to eat foods that are rich in iron while you're menstruating (because, ya know, you’re losing blood). We’re guessing that you may not be eating red meat on this holiday (but if you are, can I stop by?), but we’re sure that potatoes and white rice have a good chance of popping up on your Thanksgiving table. Yes, I have just given you permission (again not a doctor) to dive deep in some creamy mashed potato goodness. You’re welcome!


Nothing gives me greater joy than sharing this piece of information with you: IT’S A GREEN LIGHT ON GRAINS! Whole grains are actually packed with magnesium, which helps reduce your long hours of muscle tension. Whole grains are also great sources of B & E vitamins, which can help fight of your intense desire to sleep immediately after your last bite (unless you want to, of course). So go for that second roll! Let’s party!

Are there any other period-friendly Thanksgiving foods that we missed? Leave them in the comment section below! Happy eating!

by Kelsey Duchesne

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