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The New Thinx Commercials You Need to See

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Thinx - Periodical - The New Thinx Commercials You Need to See

by Tiffany Washington | 28/07/2022

In case you haven’t heard, Thinx Teens is officially making awkward period moments a thing of the past — and for less. Starting at only $16, Thinx Teens is one of the most affordable reusable period products for new menstruators. Even better is how it’s affecting not just teens, but all generations. Case in point? This new commercial directed by award-winning actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, Pamela Adlon.

In “Saved by the Sister,” a mom shows her teen how to use a tampon… until her older daughter intervenes and instead offers her sister a pair of Thinx Teens. “I was meant to do work like this,” says Adlon. “I was drawn to this project to help normalize this dialogue and remind everyone that it’s a natural thing that billions of people experience. And it’s critical we offer our new generation of menstruators alternative period care options, including sustainable period underwear like Thinx Teens.” 

This commercial is one of many that mark Adlon’s directorial debut. There will be four more rolling out over the next year. In another called “Moon Landing,” an older mom learns about period underwear from her daughter while reflecting on her period protection options. In “That's It,” we see a similar dynamic, where a mom learns about the wonders of period underwear from her teen daughter.

Adlon says, “There are three generations of women in my house and I wanted to depict how normal, awkward, and did I say normal… periods (and peeing yourself!) can be. I am surprised by how taboo period talk still is. My friends and family and I all use Thinx. To me, sustainable period underwear is as fundamental as a toothbrush or a pair of shoes.”

Thinx agrees. We continue to be committed to our vision of creating a healthier world through sustainable solutions to menstruation and incontinence. And we believe the honest conversations that surround these life stages are just as important.

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by Tiffany Washington

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