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We Speak The New Language of Periods

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Thinx Periodical We Speak the New Language of Periods

by Team Thinx | 17/07/2023

Since forever, periods have had their own universal language — spoken and unspoken — that all menstruating people (and even their loved ones who don’t have periods) become fluent in. But words matter when it comes to menstruation, and when conversations about periods are shrouded in outdated language and euphemisms, first & early period experiences can feel that much more confusing to navigate.

Parents & their teens should feel empowered to talk about periods in a more direct and unapologetic way, and have conversations on their own terms. That’s why Thinx Teens is talking about it candidly in our latest campaign, The New Language of Periods. It’s time to transform the words we use. 

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since the days of bulky, floral-scented maxi pads being passed out in health class — case in point: our innovative, reusable period underwear for teens. But there’s still work to be done in evolving the language we use when talking about periods. The reality is that 71% of today’s teens thought that periods were scary before experiencing it — and 77% of students believe that there needs to be more in-depth education about menstrual health.

We’ve heard it all, from “dirty blood” to “PMS-ing” as an insult. And our products may be found on the “feminine hygiene” aisle, but we know that periods aren’t unhygienic — and they aren’t called Aunt Flo or shark week, either. Periods are a natural part of life, and it’s about time we flipped the script and set a new status quo for the next generation.

To that end, we launched a series of video ads showcasing a range of real, honest period conversations: from a teen talking with mom about her own period experience, to laughing with a best friend who put her on to Thinx Teens undies to help avoid period leaks (and at least *some* of the awkwardness of middle school).

With Thinx Teens underwear, we can help the teens in our lives have a more comfortable first period experience than we did back then. And by creating space for open, honest conversations about menstruation — without all the period euphemisms — we can help them feel empowered and confident in their own bodies, too.

Not sure where to start when it comes to finding resources for your teen? We put together our Periods 101 guide to help guide teens through what to expect when they get their first period. Fun fact: our Teen Q&A blog is full of answers from our team (and real teens!) to frequently-asked period questions. Plus, our friends over at Anyway Mag even wrote up a piece on the importance of evolving the language we use to talk about periods, for curious moms and parents looking to make a change in their own household conversations.

What was your own experience like when you got your first period? Did you feel more confident or clueless when it came to menstrual education? Share your own stories and experiences with us on our Instagram or in the comments section below!


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