Questions or concerns about your period? We’ve got you covered.

Real talk: periods

Periods 101

They're normal (and natural)

Almost half of the world has a period. And while your period may feel like an inconvenience at times, it's also a sign that your body is healthy, strong, and doing exactly what it's meant to do!

Every period is different

Not only are periods different from person to person, but you'll have all kinds of flows in your lifetime (some will be light, others will be heavy). Don't believe us? Ask anyone in your life with a period what theirs is like — you may just learn a thing or two about your own.

It won't look or feel like a total mess

On average, a period is 10 - 35 mL of fluid over several days — measure that out and you'll see how little fluid that really is! Thinx Teens period underwear are made with a super absorbent fabric that wicks away moisture, so leaks won't spill out when it's time to change pairs. They won't feel wet either!

Go with your flow

Periods 101

Natural remedies = your new BFF

Whether physical or emotional, a lot of people don't feel like themselves during their cycle. Period hacks like natural remedies can help! Try a hot water bottle to ease cramps, a comfy-cozy bra for sore boobs, and healthy snacks to balance your mood.

Do whatever you want, whenever you want

Your period is gonna be around for awhile — so don't let it get in the way! Wear white, exercise, or hang out. Your period shouldn't stop you from doing *anything* you want to do.


Every person and every period is unique. It's nothing to be ashamed of or feel the need to hide! Over time, you'll get to know yourself and your flow better — and we've got your back while you figure it out.

Period FAQs

How long does a period last?

The amount of time you’ll bleed every month can vary from 3 to 7 days, but it’s normal for your period to vary a little from cycle to cycle. If you notice blood for longer than 7 days, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure everything is okay.

Can I swim and play sports on my period?

Absolutely! You can do *anything* on your period—swim, dance, wear white pants, go camping, whatever—you may just want to use different period products depending on the activity. However, we don't recommend using our products underwater.

Sometimes my period is heavy, sometimes it’s light. Why is that?

Periods are different for *every body* and yours can even be different from cycle to cycle. You may start with a light flow, have heavy days in the middle, and finish off with a light flow; or have heavy flows at the beginning and then lighter days only at the end; or something else! You’ll get to know *your* flow over time and understand what heavy, moderate, and light days mean for you.

How do I hide my period?

Who you decide to share your period with is your choice, but in many cases sharing with someone you trust is helpful and can lead to some really awesome tips on what products to use and how to feel better if you have PMS symptoms. Periods are nothing to be ashamed of or hide!

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