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Thinx Teens underwear is not made or treated with PFAS

super absorbency
5 out 5 droplets
All styles hold 2.5

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    Try Thinx Teens for 45 days and if you don’t love ‘em, we’ll give you your money back — no questions asked!

    How Thinx Teens work

    How Thinx Teens work

    Thinx Teens period undies absorb your flow, control odor, wick moisture, and prevent leaks — so you can feel fresh, dry, and comfy! No pads, tampons, or other period products needed.

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    Get 3 pairs of Thinx Teens in Bikini in our best-selling Kit.

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    ( Q )

    How many pairs of Thinx Teens do I need?

    ( A )

    Purchasing one of our Fresh Start Period Kits is a great way to have multiple pairs of teen period underwear on hand, but some people start with just 1 pair and wash them throughout their cycle (daily). Ultimately, it’s up to you on how you want to use Thinx Teens — do what’s best for your lifestyle and unique flow.

    ( Q )

    Will there be stains on my underwear?

    ( A )

    Our absorbent underwear isn’t stain-proof, although the materials used in our absorbent gusset are largely stain-resistant. Plus, they’re lined in black to prevent stains from showing. To further prevent stains, follow our washing instructions.