How to wash Thinx Teens

Thinx Teens are super simple to care for. They’re machine washable and reusable, so you can wear, wash, and wear again! It’s really that easy.

Care instructions

    Machine wash cold

    Machine wash cold with the rest of your laundry — the other clothes will be fine! Wash before first wear and after each use. Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean. Replace your Thinx at 30 washes.

    Hang dry

    Hang up your Thinx, and let 'em dry completely before putting them away.

With these simple steps, Thinx Teens will stay comfy & absorbent cycle after cycle.

Tips & tricks

Separate laundry bags

Although you can wash Thinx Teens with your other clothing, sometimes it helps to have a dedicated laundry bag just for your period undies. That way you can easily wash your pairs even if you're not doing your other laundry at that time.

The essentials

Preparing a kit with period essentials is a wonderful way to stay comfortable — and organized! Add a couple pairs of Thinx Teens, a bag to place them in once you change, and other period lifesavers such as cramp relievers or a heating pad.

Where to hang dry

Hang drying your undies will help keep them in great shape! Don't know where to hang 'em? Try over your shower rod, over a chair, or on a hanger in a non-humid environment.


( Q )

Can you wash period underwear with other clothes?

( A )

Yep! Washing our leak-absorbing underwear with your other laundry is perfectly hygienic, and your other clothes will be fine. Washing machines will dilute the contents almost immediately, and your other clothes will not stain if you're washing on cold.

( Q )

What temperature should I wash them at?

( A )

Machine wash your underwear on cold to keep them in tip-top shape. The standard cold wash is 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (15C - 27C). If you're hand-washing, the water should feel close to room temperature.

( Q )

How long do teen period underwear take to hang dry?

( A )

Drying times may be affected by humidity levels and the airflow of the space you hang them in. Under non-humid conditions, Thinx Teens Super absorbency styles typically dry within 19 hours.

( Q )

Oops, I put my them in the dryer! What will happen?

( A )

Don't panic — a few cycles in the dryer probably won't hurt period-absorbing underwear. However, repeated exposure to the heat from dryers or irons will affect the underwear's elasticity, which helps prevent leaks, so don't make it a habit! Pro tip: Use a mesh laundry bag to separate them from your other clothes for easy removal from the wash while the rest goes in the dryer.

( Q )

The underwear have an odor after washing; what can I do?

( A )

For future uses, consider rinsing out the undies following wear (especially if you might not be washing them for a day or two). You can also give them a little soak in warm, but not hot, water with some gentle detergent before washing as usual.

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