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Give the gift of a better period! Snag a digital gift card and forward it to someone you know who deserves the most innovative period solutions.

How Thinx Teens Work

How Thinx Teens Work

Thinx Teens period undies absorb your flow, control odor, wick moisture, and prevent leaks — so you can feel fresh, dry, and comfy! No pads, tampons, or other period products needed.

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( Q )

Will there be period stains on my undies?

( A )

Nope. The interior of the Thinx Teens underwear is lined with black fabric, so you never look down and see stains.

( Q )

How many pairs of Thinx Teens do I need?

( A )

We recommend 6-8 pairs per cycle, but it’s up to you! Our Fresh Start Period Kits are a great place to start or you can rewash pairs as needed.