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Floor-Friendly Fitness

Floor-Friendly Fitness Photo

by Kate Welsh

We're all about body literacy because #knowledgeispower, so with the help of our resident physical therapist, Lindsey Vestal, we're learning how to strengthen AND lengthen our floors.

If you're just joining us, we've already covered pelvic floor basics, the importance of proper breathing, bladder friendly foods, and Kegels. Today, we're taking our pelvic floors to the weight room + the yoga studio. Pass the cold-pressed cucumber kale lemon parsley juice (or maybe just some jelly beans?).

Bridge with Arm Raise (AKA: "Thighs to the Sky!") 

Why we love it: Strengthens your butt and shoulders.

Lay on your back w/ arms pointed up so that you feel a little stretch between the shoulder blades. Your (bees) knees should be bent, feet planted flat on the floor. Press down with your feet as you exhale, and lift your torso and butt up until your shoulder, hip and knees are in a straight diagonal line. Hold for the length of an inhale. Come back down on the exhale. 2 sets of 10.

Yoga Block Pull Over (AKA: "Hoisting the Unborn Bebe")

Why we love it: Improves diaphragm breathing + increases shoulder mobility. *Recommend to bolster pregnant gals*

Lay flat on the ground, legs straight on the floor. Our model, Katinka, is pregnant (clearly lol), so we bolstered her back & thighs (great for relaxing the pelvic floor!).

Hold both ends of the yoga block and squeeze your elbows toward in each other. Keep your ribs down, lift the block overhead toward the ceiling (on an inhale), then bring it back to the starting position (on an exhale). Be mindful of only lifting your arms to the point where your ribs still stay down (don’t let them pop up). Repeat 10-15x.

Inner Thigh Foam Roll (AKA: "Thigh So Serious?") 

Why we love it: Releases inner thighs.

Lay on your side with the foam roller parallel to your thighs. Lay your knee on the roller and simply glide forwards and back, keeping your ankle higher than your knee. Continue to move the roller up your thighs towards your pelvic floor. Breathe throughout!

*~Tried our floor-friendly fitness? We wanna hear what you think!~*

Posted: July 31, 2019

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one new subscriber wins a free pair of Thinx every day! see rules

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