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MacKenzie Peck - Math Magazine Founder

MacKenzie Peck - Math Magazine Founder Photo

by Team Thinx

MacKenzie is on a quest to celebrate and represent a wide spectrum of body types, abilities, color, and ages so that all femmes can safely reclaim their sexuality. For quite some time, she was musing on this: how can she, as an artist, combat mainstream porn's toxicity without objectifying women's bodies? She took her quandary to her (literal) drawing board, channelled her love for print publishing, entrepreneurial spirit, and mastery of multi-media art, and came up with Math Magazine—a safe and curated space for feminist pornography where consent reigns supreme. 🙌

"I was tired of seeing mainstream porn reinforce ideas of toxic masculinity. I felt really empowered to know that I can take an idea and make it real and there's not much standing in my way," she says.

For MacKenzie, diversity and inclusivity are paramount. Take for instance, her mission to feature differently-abled women. She hopes to dismantle this false notion that disability and sexuality are mutually exclusive. She applies the same mentality towards including older women in conversations about sexuality. "Why would we disregard their desires because they've aged?" she says. Real talk: older women have logged decades of valuable experience. Am I right? 😏

You immediately sense from Math's vibrant scarlet red cover that MacKenzie is taking an intentional (and dare we say, much needed) departure from traditional porn zines like Hustler or Penthouse. She likens the editorial process of Math Magazine to ethical food and clothing companies values socially conscious practices.

"I intend to do the same for the business of radically transparent and cruelty-free pornography," she says.

Everything was produced in collaboration with models and using the most ethical practices. I want the magazine to be filled with a high caliber artistry and explicitness so that it transcends our genre to bring in people who hadn’t thought about these issues.

 As you're flipping through the magazine, each page elevates the element of scintillating surprise through multi-media imagery and compelling storytelling. Page after page, you'll find exquisite stories and diverse bodies that are too often ignored by popular media. Math compellingly represents these untold narratives through collaborative photography and thoughtful illustrations and designs. 

"I'm always looking to create surprising moments in the magazine that stirs a sense of discovery and intrigue but with the same understanding that it was made safely, kindly, and collaboratively," she says.

So far, Math Magazine is on Issue Four, but there's actually been five editions. As a perfectionist, MacKenzie wanted to give herself permission to learn from any errors, so she kicked off the mag with "Issue Zero." Pretty clever considering that everything in mathematics begins with zero (right? well don't quote us on that...we're just words people trying to make sense of a numbers-driven world). 

~*Wanna snag a copy or subscribe but can't find it in your local newsstand? Good news, Math Magazine, a Brooklyn quarterly, is available for purchase online. Remember, orgasms do wonders for your pelvic floor health (now that's a fact). *~

Posted: July 31, 2019

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one new subscriber wins a free pair of Thinx every day! see rules

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