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5 Costume Ideas for the Ha*pee*iest Halloween

5 Costume Ideas for the Ha*pee*iest Halloween Photo

by Team Thinx

Buying a head-to-toe Halloween costume isn't cheap. The hair, makeup, glitter, crowns, wings, Vampire teeth, fake blood, pointy witch shoes...I mean, damn, those costs add up. Wouldn't you much rather spend your moolah on important purchases like a 6-pack of pumpkin ale or a lavish box of chocolates (for yourself...not the Trick or Treaters, of course)?

Plus, Halloween is one of the best holidays for the crafty to get weird. It's like all the DIY tricks you mastered on Pinterest were made to prepare you for this very day! But we get it, toggling between your life and figuring out what to be on October 31st, can transform an exciting activity into a real life hell...especially if you procrastinate until October 27th or so. 

Last year, we stopped scouring Amazon's Halloween deals, and channelled our attention to the power of a pair of Speax and pee puns. We're carrying on that trickle-friendly tradition for 2017! Overzealous costume competition participants, you've been warned. We're coming for you.

1. Queen Pee 

We know, what you're thinking, why dress up as a Queen when you already are one IRL? Because, you my Royal Highness, deserve to flaunt in regal swagger. Time to dust off your full-on bejeweled crown, a wand with spellcasting powers, and, of course, glittery wings.

What you need: Black shirt, black tights, Speax Black Hi-Waist, sparkly wand, wings, crown (all can be found at your local dollar store).

 2. PeeB & J 

If you're looking for the perfect power couple costume, this might be your jam 😉. 

What you need: Brown shirt, brown pants, purple shirt, black tights, Speax Midnight Hi- Waist, brown & purple paper

3. Sex Pisstols

Save this dynamic duo dress-up for your rowdiest friend(s). As a tribute to the band's political punk lyrics, create your own tunes about women's empowerment. Sing it A-Capella whenever and wherever the hell you want.

What you need: Sparkly top, grunge rocker shirt, black tights or yoga pants, fingerless gloves (can easily cut off the fingers of an old pair), Speax Hi-Waist.

4. PeeKachu

This on-the-nose pun will def fill your kids/nieces/grandkids with costume envy. Why do kids get to have all the fun, anyway? PeeKachu can electrify herself to cause lightning storms when she feels threatened. NBD.⚡️

What you need: Yellow shirt, black yoga pants, Speax Beige Hi-Waist, PeeKachu ear & tail accessory kit, and black eyeliner for nose.

5. Dripping Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Bring your obsession (or mild hatred) for this popular autumnal caffeinated beverage to life! Easily can adapt this costume into a "Dripping Hot Cappuccino" if that strikes your fancy. But, c'mon, the Speax Spice is 🔥. Any homage to energy-granting elixir (aka coffee) is 👌🏾.

What you need: White shirt, black yoga pants, black marker, brown + white + orange paper, Speax Hi-Waist, mug or coffee cup

*~What are you dressing up as this year? Got any perfect pee puns to share?~*

Posted: July 31, 2019

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