pantyliners vs. Thinx for All Leaks

Switching to Thinx for all Leaks makes life easier. No more stocking up on pantyliners and no more feeling uncomfortable.

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better for your comfort

Pantyliners can feel itchy, bulky, and awkward. Every pair of our underwear features a built-in, leak-absorbing gusset to protect you from leaks — all while still maintaining a sleek look and feel. With Thinx for All Leaks, you’ll feel protected, supported, and unbothered by what-if moments.

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better for your convenience

Say goodbye to last-minute trips to the store, digging through your bag for a spare pantyliner, or stressing about leak protection. Our underwear is machine-washable and reusable — so all you have to do is wear, wash, and wear again. No stocking up on disposables required.

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better for the planet

did you know most single-use pantyliners and pads are made with non-biodegradable plastic that can take up to 500 years to decompose? Thinx for All Leaks is a reusable, more sustainable solution for everyday leaks, so you (and Mother Nature) can breathe a little easier.

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