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by Team Thinx | 04/21/2016

Image via CBS

1. Atsede Baysa Donates Trophy to First Female Runner of Boston Marathon.

#BostonStrong took on a whole new meaning this week when Atsede Baysa of Ethiopia dominated in the annual Boston Marathon, and then donated her winning trophy to the legendary Bobbi Gibb in celebration of the 50th anniversary of when Gibb snuck (well, sorta) into the then-all-male marathon and became the first woman ever to finish the race. This touching moment shared between two groundbreaking ath-ladies made for an even mistier-eyed celebration of the impressive yearly run and the 3-year anniversary of the infamous Boston bombing on Boylston Street in 2013. These ladies are truly running circles around us with their sportswomanlike conduct, and we couldn’t possibly love it any more.

2. Melissa Harris-Perry Signs with

Melissa Harris-Perry, otherwise known as MSNBC’s only decent host next to Rachel Maddow until the network began silencing her voice and sporadically cancelling her show with no explanation and she finally left their sorry asses in the dust, has clearly moved on since the MSNBC fiasco as word broke this week that she has signed on to become’s new Editor-at-Large this week. We're stoked about this new position for a whole host of reasons, namely that her dedication to intersectional feminism and politics will mix with Elle’s other topics of choice, like fashion, to serve young girls and women of color in ways that we don’t normally see in mainstream publications. And kudos to Elle for elevating a powerful woman of color at a crucial point in her career--here’s to the notorious MHP and her bright future!

Image by Mike Licht

3. Harriet Tubman Chosen for New $20 Bill.

We’re probably all familiar with the Fight for $15 that has ignited the passions of many a fast-food worker here in the U.S., but this week all the single ladies (and all the other ladies, TBH) won the lesser-known fight for $20. Remember a while back when the U.S. Treasury hinted at replacing Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill with a portrait of a famous woman, making her the first woman in centuries to be featured on commonly circulated currency? Well the powers that be amended that proposal after Broadway junkies and history buffs protested, suggesting that if we’re gonna remove any Old White Man™ from a piece of currency, it should be Andrew Jackson, a slave owner and the muscle behind the Trail of Tears in the early 19th century. Can confirm: this is an all-around better idea. In order to expedite the process, Jack Lew of the U.S. Treasury pushed forward a plan to redesign the $5, $10, and $20, especially pushing that the front of the $20 be Harriet Tubman’s face, and the back be Jackson’s. Read more of my thoughts about this momentous shift here.

4. Michigan Lawmaker Stands Against Tampon Tax.

This week on A Male Feminist Walks Into A Bar Because It Was Set So Low, we have David Knezek, a Democrat from Michigan, who said that the hashtag TamponTax is hashtag bad, and subsequently had news outlets going nuts. But srsly despite the goofiness of mass media, this lawmaker is actually super rad for co-sponsoring a bill to end the tampon tax in his home state and for addressing critiques on his Facebook page from people who couldn’t quite understand why a dude would strongly oppose the tax. Calling upon his fellow men to take up arms in the intersectional feminist allyship and demand equal treatment whether it’s symbolic or physical, David gets a major gold star from all of us here at THINX.

5. Perth Advocate for Female Blood Disorders Speaks Out.

***Ironically enough, though I’m knee-deep in menstrual puns day in and day out, I’m super squeamish when it comes to blood that is not of the menstrual variety, so just know writing this blurb here without passing out was a major triumph for me.*** ANYWAY, ABC Australia featured a Perth woman named Chloe Christos this week who has struggled with various blood disorders since the age of 14 and was diagnosed (years later) with Von Willebrand disease, which is a lifelong disorder that keeps blood from clotting properly. As you can imagine, this condition greatly impacted her monthly periods, as dealing with near-constant bleeding for *literally* years straight cannot be an easy feat. One of the aspects to pay special attention to regarding Chloe’s experiences has been her treatment by doctors; hardly any research has been done about blood disorders like haemophilia in women, the lack of which contributed to Chloe’s delayed diagnosis. In fact, for many years, medical professionals (lol) believed women weren’t even capable of experiencing symptoms for these disorders. But, according to this article, this past week people celebrated World Haemophilia Day with calls for the “treatment of all” and increasing visibility and care for women and other marginalized groups diagnosed with blood disorders like Chloe. Sending our love to bleeding humans everywhere!

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