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by Kelsey Duchesne | 05/05/2016

Green tea. A heating pad. A bucket of ice cream (ummm that would be ours! #no-shame-in-our-game). We all have our own methods when it comes to dealing with mind-numbing period cramps, but a recent trend has reemerged from the past and has been receiving high (lol) praise.

The remedy, my friends, is cannabis. Does this trend sound like a plot line from Broad City? Don’t be fooled, because this remedy is getting a lot of attention and may just be the next big thing. Now that states are legalizing, more and more women are using this treatment orally and vaginally. The idea is spreading and taking off fast, and here are a few people who are at the forefront of the weed for womanhood revolution:


Leafly is currently known as the largest cannabis website in the world, and has 8 million users and 40 million page views on their mobile application and website.  Leafly has details on each strain of cannabis, including highlights, attributes, data, flavors, and a rating system with photos for browsers to leaf (heh heh-I’m done) through. Leafly has a section on their website called “Cannabis Strains that Help with PMS”, and another section for just cramps. (Hint- there are a lottt of different types that are, by recommendation from Leafly, very good for those rough menstruating days.)


Foria is a California-based company that came (lol-GUYS HELP) onto the scene with an award winning lube. One of the ingredients in this lube? Yup, you guessed it. Foria has continued to grow, and now distributes in California and Colorado. Foria Relief, a cannabis cream, can be inserted vaginally or in the rectum for back pain, and has received glowing reviews by it’s testers. While you don’t necessarily get “high”, reviewers have claimed they were in a better mood and their cramps subsided. Foria plans on growing and expanding, and adding to their line of products. 


Ladies and gentleman, Queen Whoopi Goldberg has entered the cannabis buissness, all in the name of periods. After seeing her granddaughters go through the intense agony of harsh period cramps, Goldberg knew it was time help--and start a new venture at the same time. Along with businesswomen and cannabis venture veteran Maya Elisabeth (the founder of Om Edibles), Goldberg will be launching “Maya & Whoopi”, and releasing a line of products meant for menstrual cramps.  Among some of the products will be “cannabis edibles, tinctures, topical rubs, and a THC-infused bath soak.” With products called Soak, Savor, Rub, and Relax, it’s clear they want to give women the ultimate period experience.

Cannabis is projected to be a 20 billion dollar industry by 2020, and it seems like these businesses are aware of a fact that we at THINX have known all along- 50% of the population has periods- so let's make the experience better!

What do you think of the cannabis industry targeting people with periods? Let us know ~

*Kelsey would like to apologize for all of the puns in this article. She has no explanation other than “it was too easy.”

by Kelsey Duchesne

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