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Yoni Massages 101

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by Kelsey Duchesne | 05/18/2016

Happy Women’s Health Wednesday! Here at THINX, we’re always looking for new ways to pamper our vaginas. For realz--in this line of work, there is a lot of vag talk, and it’s fun to chat about the latest and greatest. Recently, we sniffed out a hot new treat-yo'self massage called the Yoni, and we’re all wondering if we should test and indulge.

A Yoni Massage is a vaginal tantric massage (Yoni means Vagina in Sanskrit) that is meant to be a source of therapy and a spiritual experience. (It can be a source of pleasure as well: women do occasionally orgasm during the process, though it is not a guarantee.)  

The massage itself can be helpful for women to get in touch with their vaginas, and see what feels best by applying pressure to different areas. The Yoni specialist will have the massage-ee (??) lay back, and often receive a full body massage to relax them as they prepare for the genital area. The specialist will then massage the outer and inner lips of the vagina and apply different speeds and amounts of pressure inside the vagina. This practice can be pleasurable to women mentally, too; at times, the masseuse may ask the recipient what images they see when they close their eyes. It is also said to be healing for past traumatic emotional experiences and can help women connect better to their vaginas.

In an interview with Women's Health mag, Isis Phoenix, a yoni specialist, explained that it's possible to release any emotions that may be "stuck" in your vag by experiencing different sensations during the massage, though most of her clients come in to discover a new area in their vagina that feels good.

The massage is meant to be a comfortable, respectful, and clean process. Phoenix makes it clear that having clean, washed hands is a must, and specialists typically talk about boundaries and finding a healthy comfort level with the recipient. The masseuse always asks the recipient if they would like them to work on in the inside of the vagina, and keep open lines of communication throughout the process. Many specialists call the experience a “ceremony,” where the woman becomes in touch with her vagina (lol, literally too tho rite), and learns constructive ways to service it.

The Yoni Massage doesn’t come cheap--the average cost is around $300--but for someone that is having trouble connecting to their vagina (sexually, emotionally, spiritually?) it may be worth it. To us, sounds like a pretty dope (and maybe even empowering?) experience-- no worrying about sexual expectations or reciprocation--just about soothing and getting to know la vagine a lil' better. Anyone got a testimonial orrrr? Learn more here.

by Kelsey Duchesne

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