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by Team Thinx | 05/25/2016

For Team THINX, vagina steaming has been the metaphoric itch we couldn’t quite scratch (or maybe that was just the yeast infection?? Yikes). It would come up in discussion--naturally, of course, because we talk about vaginas all day, erryday--and eventually, after a lot of speculating, it became a call to action in the form of “I'm sending you a calendar invite to get our vaginas steamed.” Gwyneth Paltrow over at Goop clearly enjoys them, but we didn’t just want to vagsteam because it seemed like a hip, celebrity-endorsed activity (I mean, not completely). We were definitely hesitant at first, because we don't endorse the notion that vaginas need to be sterilized or floral-scented. Instead, we saw the opportunity to steam as a way to explore a practice that some women value. We wanted to see how, if at all, steaming affected us; if it would make us feel all warm, fuzzy, and spiritually centered, or if it really could help with period cramping as some claim it can. There is no scientific evidence to prove that vagina steams have healing powers, so we figured the only way to truly find out is to try it for ourselves! Watch us get our steam on (rated PG!) and hear our thoughts/reactions in the video, below. And in case you were worried: curiosity may have killed the cat, but our pussies made it out alive. 

THINX Does is a series in which Team THINX will tackle taboos head-first (or in the case of vagina steams: lips first?). We will meet passionate feminists and stigma-fighters who will teach us everything from how to shop for sex toys, to how to whip (and maybe nae-nae) around a roller derby rink. The goal is to highlight women who are not only taking up their own space, but creating spaces for other women to thrive, too. Join us for the adventures and maybe catch the adventure bug yourself. It's pretty contagious, TBH (but not in the herpes kind of way, don't worry).

by Team Thinx

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