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TWIF Vol. 46

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by Team Thinx | 06/09/2016

1. Texas Valedictorian Shares Undocumented Status in Graduation Speech.

OK, first of all, it should be illegal to graduate high school with a 4.95 GPA. That just sounds unhealthy. Second of all, that’s exactly what McKinney High valedictorian Larissa Martinez did (now with a full-ride to Yale to become a neurosurgeon, BTW)--all while living in Texas as an undocumented immigrant from Mexico City. Damn, girl. This week, she got up to give a speech in front of her now former classmates, wherein she disclosed her undocumented status and alluded to the dangers of a certain Republican presidential nominee and a certain large wall. Bold move, Larissa. Hopefully the Trumpster (and his supporters) will catch wind of the speech and finally come to realize that immigrants in this country are some of the most impressive among us, and cannot be generalized as criminals. And for the Larissas out there: y’all slay.

2. Judge Gives White Stanford Rapist Relaxed Prison Sentence, Raises All The Concerns.

After news broke about the Stanford rapist who was sentenced to only six months of jail time after being unanimously convicted of digitally raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, also known as one of the most upsetting stories of all time, many people felt the shockingly short sentencing was unjust (trying to keep this mild and PG). This week, the story was compounded by the unrelated story of Brian Banks, a young black man who was wrongfully convicted of rape as a teenager and sentenced to six years in prison for a crime from which he was later exonerated. This has many an eyebrow raised, wondering why a white boy found entirely guilty was considered by a judge to be unsuited for hard time while an even younger black boy was locked up without a second thought. The racist and classist undertones of this case only add to the heinous misogyny that has unfolded right before our eyes. Joy! Also this.

3. HRC Announced as Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Didya hear that? No, it wasn’t the sound of Beyoncé driving a monster truck over the bodies of her enemies, it was the shattering of one of the thickest and most insidious glass ceilings known to womankind: the political and representational kind. This week--after the last big primary vote in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, and Montana--it was announced that Hillary Clinton will be the official Democratic nominee for President of the United States, whether you like it or not (yes, we heard you the first time, Bernie babes). But put down your pitchforks for a sec and think about it: this means that after, like, 250 years of dude after dude after dude, we finally have a woman running as the nominee of a major political party; we finally have a woman with a chance of winning the White House. No matter how you feel about Hillary’s career or public personality or whatever else it is that people like to complain about, this is a historic moment for women (and hopefully a glimpse into our fierce and feminist future of female leadership. That’s quite a mouthful). Read more about #ladypower here.

4. Male Bumble-Abuser Called Out For Bad Beehavior.

Want another edition of Terrible Men From Prestigious Schools? No? Neither did we. But that’s what we got this week, as presented by the fempowering dating app Bumble (#blogsisterssticktogether). Connor, who self-describes as a Notre Dame graduate with a degree in finance (this is our cue to be impressed) worth his “$300,000 job,” unleashed his fury on Bumble user Ashley in reaction to her asking what he does for a living. It’s a classic case of he-said, she-said, he-exploded. Basically, Connor asked Ashley how things were going and she responded with a comment about her job, and a very considerate “What do you do?” probably feigning interest for the sake of conversation, as we all do. This is when the magic happens. Connor interpreted the polite question as an attempt to engage in some healthy pre-lunch gold-digging; as Ashley’s attempt to weed out the weak ones for the rich ones. This Notre Douche then went off on Ashley about how he’s sick of “whores” like her who are more interested in his money (and apparently Beyoncé?’re not wrong, Connor) than they are in him. We wish we could say this was a surprise, but unfortunately navigating the dating world as a woman is a nightmare full of Connors. Luckily Bumble wrote the perfect response for their blog, calling (and kicking) Connor out on his misogyny and ignorance. #BumbleBrag

5. Study Finds Women Twice As Likely As Men To Develop Anxiety Disorders.

This week, a Cambridge study confirmed that women are almost two times more likely to develop anxiety disorders than men. Hmmm... is it the constant looking over your shoulder walking home alone at night? Or is it the constant worrying about being in the way of others? Or is it the pressure to look and act like a wax figure day and night? Personally, we find all that to be pretty relaxing. A quick look at the numbers from this study shows us that disorders like these are also extremely common, particularly in North America (pssst… we have the highest number of people diagnosed with anxiety in the entire world. Woof). The study emphasizes how “marginalized groups” are high risk for anxiety disorder, including women and other people of color, disabled people, LGBT+ identified people, etc. which comes at no surprise. Soooooo this means mandatory vacation hours for all the marginalized peeps, right?

by Team Thinx

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