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by Team Thinx | 06/14/2016

**Beyoncé Wins CFDA Fashion Icon Of The Year**

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Beyoncé won an award for being a visionary and fashion icon (just check out her resumé of style from the last few decades). Attending the award ceremony in a wide brimmed hat and a suit we will all attempt to recreate in the next year, Beyoncé shared her personal history with fashion, and how designer names and brands ignored women like her when she was starting out in Destiny's Child. 

“High-end labels didn’t really want to dress four black, country, curvy girls, and we couldn’t afford designer dresses and couture,” she said. “My mother and my uncle, God rest his soul, made all of our first costumes, individually sewing hundreds of crystals and pearls, putting so much passion and love into every small detail. When I wore these clothes I felt like Khaleesi. I had an extra suit of armor. It was so much deeper than any brand name. “

Beyoncé continued her acceptance speech about the future of fashion, and the culture she would like to see. “I encourage you to not forget this power you have or to take it lightly. We have the opportunity to contribute to a society where any girl can look at a billboard or magazine cover and see her own reflection.”

Beyoncé (of course) is right:representation and visibility are just as important in fashion as they are in film and television. Women deserve to see faces and bodies and skin tones that look like their own. As Beyoncé said--within fashion and designing there is power, and they have an opportunity to encourage  inclusivity in an industry that has always lacked it. (And if the world of fashion is going to Listen to anyone--you better believe it’s this Dream Girl). @Fashion Peeps: This is your final warning--you know she gives you lifffeeeee. 

**Olivia Wilde Speaks About Reproductive Choice** 

This week, actress and activist Olivia Wilde hosted the Voices of Courage Benefit, put on by the  Physicians for Reproductive Health, and it was a major gift to us all. The benefit honors doctors who are providing safe abortions and are making a difference in the world of women's reproductive health. Wilde, who is currently 5 months pregnant and the mother of 2-year-old Otis, shared her thoughts on the night (and her admiration for Dr. Colleen McNicholas) in an Instagram post the following day.

“I was deeply honored to host their event tonight, as they recognized the heroic doctors on the front lines of the battle to provide safe, and affordable reproductive healthcare to women nationwide,” she wrote.

Wilde has been vocal about her pro-choice politics, and spoke to Cosmopolitan magazine about how abortion access is not only a women's issue, but a class issue as well. As a privileged white woman who is also a public figure, we applaud Wilde’s commitment to an inclusive fight for the rights of women all across the country, from all backgrounds. “It always boils down to a class issue. It would be ignorant to ignore that that is what this is all about, and so it’s really important for those of us who have access to health care and have access to abortion to speak up for the people who are in Oklahoma” she told Cosmopolitan.  “It’s our job, because they’re losing that battle.” (A lil context for ya: In May, lawmakers approved a bill that would make abortions illegal, and any doctor who performed them could lose their medical license. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has since vetoed the bill.)



In a time where women's reproductive rights need intense encouragement and support, we love Wilde’s openness and pride expressed on this topic, as well as her knowledge that this is not a matter of personal opinions about abortion; it’s about what is the safest option for women.

“NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE, here's the thing: abortion isn't going to stop. People are going to find a way, whether it's safe and legal, or potentially deadly. So let's not let ideology get in the way of evidence. Let's take care of each other and work hard to stop the stripping of our reproductive rights.” Here, here!

Gabrielle Union Explains What A Period Is To The Paparazzi

Okay, so, major news is circulating about talented actress/world’s coolest basketball wife, Gabrielle Union. The big headline? She gets her period. And at times it makes her a little bloaty. That is all. You’re welcome.

While we may sound (and totally, 100% are) sarcastic right now, the paparazzi wasn’t as wise. What, so taking pictures of the bloaty actress and selling them as early bump pics wasn’t a solid idea?? Union took to Twitter to shut the pregnancy rumors down, and give a beginner's lesson on the female anatomy. And thus, became our favorite rant in feminist history, full of hashtags and uterus jokes we hope to use in our everyday life. Some highlights include:

“Lmaooo...Newsflash! Women have these things. Called periods. On occasion there is bloating...and breathing. Meanwhile I’m enjoying cocktails.”

“Didn’t realize my uterus needed a publicist to account for its comings & goings (uterus hijinks! Whatta rascal) #periodwatch #bloatnotbaby”

“I also have never responded to the COUNTLESS fake pregnancies I’ve been given over the years but I just SO love writing ‘uterus’ UTERUS JOY!”

Uterus joy, indeed! Read her lesson in full below, and a reminder to the paps: women get periods, k?   

Adele Reminds A (Famous) Skeptic That Her Voice Is 100% Real 

In the words of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler: reaaaallly? Like, out of all the famous singers in the world, you’re going to question Adele's authenticity? Really? Have you ever watched any live performance of hers, ever? Really? (One more time, let's go- ) Reallllyyyyy?

Yes, really. Music producer Tony Visconti, who has worked with artists like David Bowie and Paul McCartney, recently shared his thoughts on the current state of pop in an interview last week.

“You turn the radio on and it’s fluff, you are listening to 90 percent computerized voices," he said. "We know Adele has a great voice but it’s even questionable if that is actually her voice or how much has been manipulated. We don’t know." He continued on, saying “There's a sound to pop now that is so perfect it's boring.”

Adele did not take Visconti’s words lightly, referencing him at her recent show in Paris, in between belting out her hits with her incredible, nay, PERFECT voice. “Some dickhead tried to say that my voice was not me on record,” she said. “Dude, suck my dick.” *snaps*

It seems like Visconti got the picture (without actually wanting to take responsibility). He made a statement to Billboard regarding the incident. "I'm sorry that what I said in regards to what's being played on radio was misconstrued,” he said. “Yet I cannot apologize for something taken the wrong way. If Adele has taken my comments as offensive that was certainly not my intent. Adele has a great voice and it brings pleasure to millions.”

Thanks for the non-apology, Visconti, but we doubt Adele needs it. She’s, ya know, pretty busy at the moment, and has no time to let anyone say that her voice is inauthentic or "fluffy"--she has worked hard at her (yep - pretty successful) career, and will defend her accomplishments the Adele way (with a lil' sass and charm). Hashtag inspired?! Same.


Ilana Glazer Doesn't Let A Creeper Lie To Broad City Fans

Broad City’s Ilana Glazer isn’t cool with the whole dudes-lying-to-impress-and-sleep-with-girls deal, and especially not when it involves her show.

Image by Internet Week New York via Wikimedia Commons

Glazer was recently performing some of her new comedy material at a Lower East Side bar, when she told a story that gave us, in her own words, “douche chills.” A man named Zach Jobin (yup, our girl used his full name) has been telling women that he was a writer on Broad City for years, posting Instagram photos of him and the stars that Glazer believes he took after an Upright Citizens Brigade comedy show. On one fateful date, he told the lie to Ilana’s friend of a friend...ruh roh. Doesn’t Z-Jay know that when you spread a lie, it will always come back to bite you? We certainly do. 

Glazer’s recollection of the story is hilarious (and yes, totally creepy), but there is an underlying frustration that she (and the listener, TBH) feels. Broad City is a show primarily written by women--a.k.a. the thing that makes it so great--so it’s pretty obnoxious and insulting when a dude tries to take credit for it. Also, if Glazer and her co-star Jacobsen are kind enough to stop and take a cute pic with a fan, discovering that he has manipulated it probs feels pretty Yuck City.

Listen to Glazer’s full story here. Oh, and note to Zach: if you just led with “my favorite show is Broad City,” we’re sure you’d spark some great first date conversation. No need to go overboard.

by Team Thinx

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