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Periods, panties, & feminism, oh my! Wait... feminism? Yup.

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Periods, panties, & feminism, oh my! <p> Wait... <i>feminism?</i> Yup. </p> Photo

by Team Thinx | 03/24/2015

Here at THINX, we are dedicated to banishing harmful taboos, which include the one around that touchy F-word. After all, shouldn't a movement working toward gender equality and female empowerment be a good fit for ~everyone~ under the sun?

So we're here to share why feminism is important, and why everyone should consider themselves a supporter of the case. So what does "feminism" mean, really? Here's a little bit of it, all of which we apply to our lovely lil' brand:

Feminism means empowering women to be the change-makers of the world.

There is a wonderful theory afloat known as “the girl effect,” that makes the case for educating girls and women on a global scale. Providing education for girls and women empowers them to find employment, be self-reliant, and make decisions that befit their own lives––important decisions like marriage and child-rearing.

Oh, you want a real life example? Don't mind if we do!

Not only is Team THINX made up of rockstar women (and one very patient guy), but our partnership with AFRIpads makes a huge impact, too. Plus, THINX undies are made at a family-run factory in Sri Lanka with a super impressive track record of promoting female employment, education, and leadership.

Feminism means a commitment to creating a safe space for the oppressed (female or otherwise).

Part of being a feminist is sharing the stories of those who face oppression, and paving the way for education, open discussion, and change. This inclusive approach is often referred to as “Intersectional Feminism,” which counters what is sometimes called “White Feminism” (a variation that only addresses issues faced by white, cis-gender, often upper-middle class women).

Real life example #2, featuring... oh, us again!

At THINX, we proudly support the LGBTQIA+ community (and we've heard a lot of great feedback, especially from the trans community), and are currently developing styles that are more "gender neutral" and boyshort-y, and with much less lace. SO stoked about this, 'cause it means that between our undies and our giveback, we can lessen the burden of periods for people from all walks of life.

Feminism means progress, and a shift in mindset.

In a world that is dominated by patriarchy, the feminist movement advocates for a fresh perspective. And before you say it…. no, this is not a call for a violent and fiery, female takeover (or man-hating). Feminism simply aims to empower ladies in leadership everywhere.

Over the past hundred or so years, the world has seen A LOT of big changes and social progressions. The feminist movement had––and continues to have––a lot to do with the wonderful progress that we've collectively enjoyed. Today, same-sex couples have been granted the right to marry in the U.S., and we're seeing more and more acceptance for people of all backgrounds and orientations imaginable. BUT, there's still much to be done, and feminism means continuing to support oppressed groups as they fight for their rights and respect. Incredible progress so far, tho. Feminism! Heck yeah!

Real life example #3 - Oh, whaddya know? It's THINX.

THINX is also dedicated to progress and shifting mindsets. Not only are we trying to change the way we talk and think about periods (not to mention the way we manage them), but we ensure that women's issues are no longer ignored, and that people recognize that they deserve our attention and respect. THINX is meticulously designed by and for women, solving a problem that we all face, with as much energy and dedication as any exclusively male issue would be granted.

Pretty awesome, eh? Now you know: you don't have to burn your undergarments to be a feminist; you can wear better undergarments, instead (and yes. We know bra burning didn't actually happen).


by Team Thinx

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