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Re: Re: Planned Parenthood and Other Such Things

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Re: Re: Planned Parenthood and Other Such Things Photo

by Emma Glassman-Hughes | 08/11/2015

Soooooooo, we’ve been hearing a lot from you all out there in the femisphere, and we would like to respond to your responses. As always, feel free to respond to our responses to your responses. If you’re already feeling dizzy, then maybe you should sit down for this next part.

First off, thank you to everyone who has taken time to respond to the weekly feminist recaps with any kind of feedback. Any time you interact with our company, we’re happy! That said, a couple of you (alright, a whole five of you) have written in expressing offense by the *ahem* palpable liberal slant in our writing.

With modern media outlets firing news stories out literally 24/7, we decided that setting aside a little precious time for feminist headlines would make keeping up with the news feel less like a chore for all of us. It’s true that we enjoy using satire in our writing, particularly as a discussion tool for controversial topics like those in question here (reproductive healthcare, Planned Parenthood, and abortion), and it’s true that we subscribe to a very specific ‘brand’ of feminism. But, we respect that there are all sorts of women with differing opinions, and please know that we never expected to echo the thoughts and feelings of all women everywhere––these topics are controversial for a reason!

However, it’s important for customers and fans of our company to understand the following: the debate around Planned Parenthood is very important to the members of our team, for many reasons. One such reason is that these clinics provide affordable healthcare (97% of which is not abortions) to women in need of services. As feminists who work in the world of menstrual hygiene, we believe it is our responsibility to spread awareness of the importance of safe, affordable reproductive healthcare (just as PP does), and to support an agenda wherein a woman––not the government–– has the right to decide what she does with her body. Some may disagree with these views, but we will continue to write about them in future recaps regardless.

The moral of the story? We are never, ever trying to make any woman feel less-than. That’s not our game (obviously). Instead, we do this because we are passionate about delivering feminist news in a digestible and entertaining way (and a way that most of you seem to dig), and about educating in general. So, to the friendly lady who suggested that we “just stick to selling underwear” …?  Nah. This is more fun, more beneficial to our community, and, Emma likes her job.

Finally, if it so interests you, take a look at this list of resources about reproductive healthcare that we’ve compiled (based mostly on specific comments we got from those five people). If not, that’s cool, too. It’s your choice.

  1. This article highlights the racial components of the argument, as well as why and how the video about Planned Parenthood are illegitimate:

  2. This article adds a more in-depth look at the videos released about Planned Parenthood:

  3. More nuts-n-bolts about the Senate vote:

  4. This article explains what Planned Parenthood actually does with fetal tissue:

  5. Here’s a very in-depth look at reproductive healthcare in the U.S. and elsewhere:

  6. More info about the pros and cons of tissue donation:

  7. Study about post-abortion regret:

  8. An article about what it should mean to be “pro-life” that I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with:

P.S., to the someone who expressed their disappointment that we ignored Amy Schumer’s history of racist jokes, we ask you to look again! There is actually a link at the end of the paragraph to an article about Schumer’s agreement to take responsibility for her mistakes. :) 

Emma Glassman-Hughes was raised on the beaches of San Diego and educated in the city of Boston. She is a dedicated foodie, cat enthusiast, political communications student at Emerson College, and intern for THINX. She finds inspiration in all things feminism- or Beyoncé-related, and has a deep appreciation for carbs and good music, preferably when combined.

by Emma Glassman-Hughes

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