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by Team Thinx | 09/10/2015

(A.M.P.A.S.(r)/Richard Harbaugh) Disney ABC

1. God Bless Matt McGorry.

If you’re smart (which we already know you are), then you really should be following Matt McGorry on every social media platform currently available to womankind. In a sea of inane posts about wedding engagements and unlikely animal friends (lookin’ at you, owl and hamster), Matt’s posts will uplift you, and deliver you straight to the pearly gates of “he-for-she” femi-heaven. His most recent feminist masterpiece? A fricking love-letter to feminism, titled “How Becoming a Feminist Felt Like Falling in Love.” fkldsjfl;ajsdlf;jadfkjlk. ← our ovaries having a seizure. Basically the moral of the story is not only that he is a beautiful and talented actor; he is also a self-aware male feminist who acknowledges his privilege, as well as his newness to the movement, how much more there is to learn, how important intersectionality is, and how to write a really damn good article. Uhh….call me?

2. Zelda Williams Talks About Depression.

To a lot of us who were big Robin Williams fans, the death of our favorite wish-granting genie, joyful cross-dressing (maybe a lil problematic) housemaid, and inspiring English teacher and “captain,” truly felt like losing a family member. Some of us may have even forgotten that he actually has a real family, including daughter Zelda Williams, who has recently spoken out about mental illness--specifically depression. Followers of her Instagram had an opportunity to see a post dedicated to the memory of her father, that spoke honestly of the dark reality of depression. This kind of candid discussion of mental illness is important in a culture like ours where stigma veils the pain that so many people suffer through in silence. Zelda’s celebration of emotional literacy is both touching and feminist to the max. Sending our love to Zelda and the rest of the Williams family.

3. A Look at Intersectionality with Erica Jong and Roxane Gay.

Erica Jong, aka queen of the zipless many, took to the stage with “Bad Feminist” author Roxane Gay at the Decatur Book Festival in Georgia this past week, where some awkward generational gaps played out to the audience’s discomfort. As the two of them discussed feminist issues, Jong seemed very defensive about the racism imparted by some feminists of her era (the “2nd Wave” of the movement), and tried to explain that feminism has never been a “white thing” as critics of White Feminism claim. Needless to say, this did not sit entirely well with Gay--a woman of color and prominent voice of modern intersectional feminism--nor did it resonate particularly well with the audience. Yikes. We love Erica Jong, and as per usual, we’re grateful for all the feminists who came before us; that’s why we want her, and all her contemporaries, to do better. We’re with Gay on this one: maaaybe (ok, DEFINITELY) it’s time for us all to embrace some sweet intersectionality. All aboard!

4. Femimormonism is a Thing.

Women aren’t allowed to enter the priesthood or hold practically any leadership positions; women are expected to marry and have children and, like, nothing else; many intimate aspects of a woman’s life are carefully controlled by the men in power. Nope, we’re not talkin’ about the 1600s--we’re talkin’ about modern-day Mormonism. BUT, we’re also talkin’ about Chelsea Shields, the brilliant and fiery advocate for feminist reformation within the Church of the Latter Day Saints, who faces the possibility of excommunication from her religion (and the Mormon community at large) for speaking her mind. That’s….a big deal. She’s a true supershero, wanting to improve the institution that she loves in the name of lady empowerment. Though it’ll be a tough battle to fight, it’s def a worthy one. Happy tears, they are a-flowin’!

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5. Bey's Made in America Performance Was Fiiiire.

Sry sports fans, but nothing gets us chanting “USA! USA! USA!” faster than queen Bey herself, especially with her latest performance at the Made In America Labor Day festival in Philly this past week. While on stage, she paid homage to Ronda Rousey’s celebration of “femininely badass” women who are comfortable accessing their sexiness and their strength, and all of their other personality traits in between. While we shouldn’t forget that Rousey is a problematic feminist, we can also laud this message of self-acceptance, and praise Beyonce for being sweet and propping up other ladies in her work. Everything Yonce touches turns to feminist gold. Ugh, #bless.

by Team Thinx

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