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TWIF Vol. 09: Gloria. Freaking. Steinem.

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TWIF Vol. 09: Gloria. Freaking. Steinem. Photo

by Team Thinx | 09/24/2015

1. Over the River and Through the Woods, To Gloria's House We Go.

This was supposed to be #5, but whatevs, 'cause this trumps everything: When Gloria Steinem invites you over to her apartment, you drop whatever you’re doing and book it to the subway. Yeah, you heard us right: the mother-of-all-things-holy-and-good, GLORIA. FREAKING. STEINEM. That Gloria Steinem. This past Monday, Queen G invited a few of us from Team THINX, along with #periodproud goddess Kiran Gandhi, over to her apartment to discuss menstrual politics and feminism in the modern age. We were honored to exchange ideas, hopes, andcritiques with such an iconic leader of our favorite movement, and we totally reveled in the opportunity to geek out over feminist history and ideals. Sitting on Gloria Steinem’s couch was srsly the epitome of fempowering. 

(Additional swoon moment: the pic above is of her sharing her thoughts on TWIF Vol. 04, which SHE printed out).

2. NYC + Free Tampons and Pads = YAS.

Join us now as we take you into period utopia wonderland, where the tampons and THINX are free-flowing, all of the pants are extra stretchy, and everything is made of chocolate. Welp, at least New York City is on its way to making some of that a reality (#handsdowngreatestcityintheworld). Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras has convened the first-ever task force on menstrual health. Task. force. on menstrual. health. Welcome to 2015, people! Comprised of a diverse array of community leaders, the group has spearheaded a groundbreaking intiative to make tampons and pads free in public schools, shelters, and correctional facilities. This is a huuuuuge deal (HUGE, PEOPLE) for girls living in poverty (yes, that happens here in the U.S., too) who don’t have the extra time or dough to buy an expensive box of menstrual hygiene products each month. So, you're like, "Right, but when's that actually_gonna happen?" It's launching _this week with a school in Corona, Queens. Read more in Ms. and NY Mag. Our dare to everyone else? Go copy NYC!

(NYTimes op-ed writer and feminist extraordinaire Jennifer Weiss-Wolfe broke this news to us, so, h/t Jen).

3. #Femmy's Are Approaching Diversity.

Need more femspiration? Check out Viola Davis’s entire existence--and more specifically her Emmy win this past Sunday, A.K.A. the first time a black woman has ever won for Best Leading Actress in a Drama Series. *checks watch* Uhh, it’s about damn time. Additionally, her award-winning performance in How to Get Away with Murder has inspired more criticism of sexism in the film industry, and the need for more relatable women on television and in movies. This year’s Emmy’s (or #Femmy’s as we’re calling them) ceremony was the most diverse in its history, and featured a lot of important wins on and off the stage--lookin’ at you, Uzo Aduba and Amy Poehler! Congrats to all the Emmy’s ceiling shatterers out there.

Image by Adam Fagen

4. Women Learn to Shout Their Abortions.

This has been one of those weeks where all you can do is Liz Lemon TF up and nerd rage. The negative news for reproductive justice has been on full blast (the House voted to defund Planned Prenthood for a year, and a PP-induced government shutdown may be on the horizon), so we figured you might need a dose of fempowerment to get you through this difficult time. Get this: not only did Elizabeth "Bow Down Bitches" Warren address the Senate with an incredible speech about never compromising on women's health, but Twitter erupted with a pro-choice hashtag called #ShoutYourAbortion, aimed at (what else???) eradicating taboos and stigmas associated with abortion and necessary reproductive care for women. Even in the toughest of times, remember that there will always be amazing sheroes and allies here to save the day, no matter how bleak things get. Keep up the good fight, everyone.

5. Barbie Checks Her ~Real Girl~ Privilege.

Manic pixie dream Barbie who looked fresh out of a Miss America pageant (but was always down to sit on your couch, eat bacon, and watch football with you!) has now turned into post-feminist realist Barbie complete with cellulite, acne, and, as of this week, a PERIOD! Lammily dolls, otherwise known as the “normal Barbie” came out last year sporting a message for young kids and teenagers that even though women don’t have bodies that look like Barbie dolls, they are still worthwhile and beautiful. This week, they upped their feminist game and added a “Period Party” kit to the collection, geared at educating young kids about periods. P.S., if you have a soft-spot for kids, be cautioned that watching the video in this link guarantees a sob-sesh. Fair warning.

by Team Thinx

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