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5 Questions You’ve Been Asking About THINX (+ 5 answers directly from us)

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5 Questions You’ve Been Asking About THINX (+ 5 answers directly from us) Photo

by Team Thinx | 03/31/2017

1. Sooooo, WTF is going on at THINX?

That’s a v good question! Firstly, we want you to know we’ve heard your concerns, we’ve read the news, and seen your emails, comments and posts on our social media platforms. Our community—you!—are the most important piece to this taboo-breaking puzzle, and we are taking all of this very, very seriously. That’s why we’ve held off on posting -- we want to be as transparent as possible, but we also wanted to come back to you with the facts.

What’s going on over here is we’re taking action to update our workplace policies and leadership so THINX and the people who work here (like me -- hey! I’m real! I’m the THINX content editor and I’ve been reading allllll your comments and emails) can continue to grow, thrive, and do our thang (aka smash period taboos and make period underwear). We, the humans of THINX, believe in our company’s mission—like, _a lot—_and although it’s been a tough couple of weeks, we are still here. Right where we want to be.

These things can take time, and we are, admittedly, still a work in progress. But we are committed to being as open and honest as we can about the changes we’re making.

Without you all there is no us!

2. Is Miki still running the show?

Miki is no longer our CEO. We recognize that leadership is super-important to our company as we move forward, so we’ve hired an executive search firm to help us find a badass replacement to guide the THINX ship. Who is our dream CEO? A taboo-bustin’, growth-makin’, heart-driven human who is as committed to the THINX mission as we are.

3. What other changes can we expect from THINX?

We mean it when we say we’ve been following ALL your feedback. Many of you have written us saying, “Yeah, okay, that’s all well and good, but what are you actually *doing*?” We know, talkin’ the talk only means something if we can walk the walk, that’s why we want our internal policies and office culture to match our external vision.

So, where are we walkin’ to? Here are a couple steps we’ve already taken:

  1. We’ve hired an interim HR expert to guide us through this transition phase (she’s ah-may-zing)

  2. We are actively searching for someone to become our full-time HR manager (know someone awesome? Email us!

  3. We’ve hired new senior management and they are already in our office typing, designing, and strategizing away

  4. We are reexamining our employee policies to make sure they are consistent with our beliefs.  Like I said, we know our insides have to match our outsides. 

4. Who is THINX for?

We’ve said it once and we'll say it a billion times: YOU are the reason we’re here.

THINX is for real menstruating humans. It’s for people who have can’t-move-from-the-couch heavy flows, blink-and-you-missed-it light flows, the sometimes flows, and the maybe-not-sure flows.

THINX is for you, so you don’t have to dash out to the bathroom in the middle of a meeting to check if you’ve bled through your new linen pants (very cute, btw).  

THINX is for you: the runner who refuses to train in a pad, the young woman with Down syndrome who is still figuring out her body, the trans guys who hates shopping in the feminine care aisle, the single dads who don’t know what the heck goes on down there, the humans everywhere who are sick of sticking weird, unpronounceable chemicals (propylene glycol, anyone?) in and around their crotches.

THINX is for every human who wants to break the period taboo.

5. What's next for THINX?

We’re gonna keep it real with you -- it’s been a tough start to the year. But we’re still crazy excited about all the good stuff to come, in 2017 and beyond.

Right now our focus is on strengthening our bonds to our community and each other. We want to hear from you about what you’d like to see from THINX, so email us at (GIFs and cat memes are more than welcome).

We also have some awesome product launches slated for this year, more empowering stuff we think you’ll really dig.

Thank You for Being You

We know that your trust and support is a privilege, not a right. We also know that actions speak louder than words, which is why we can’t wait to show you (not just tell you) how important all of this is to us.

And again, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at :)

by Team Thinx

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