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TWIF: Vol. 14

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by Team Thinx | 10/29/2015

It's hard out here for a witch.

1. Hey Girl. Shove Some Fibrous, Mini-Torpedos Up Your Vagina. You Deserve A Life of Luxury.

When members of the British Parliament decided this past week that tampons are a taxable “luxury” product instead of a necessity, THINX HQ was all: “Oh yeah, punk?? You wanna take this outside?” Needless to say, we get a little heated on the topic of menstrual hygiene. Luckily, our feminist sisters across the pond are handling the whole situation quite well; standing (literally) up to MPs who voted against women's health, pointing out the absurd and nonexistent logic that could lead to viewing a tampon as a luxury, and challenging the decision by appealing to the entire EU. At least we got a great, new motto out of this whole situation: “THINX: For When You Give Up Tampons For Lent.”

2. Benghazi Hearing Backfires.

Ben-God-these-men-are-annoying hearing! (Alright, that was a stretch even for us). Whatever you wanna call it, there’s no denying that the Benghazi hearing this past week was a sweeping success for White House hopeful Hillary Clinton. She suffered relatively silently through 11 hours (11 hours!!!) of continual questioning, disrespect, and utter confusion on behalf of her adversaries who have been determined to pin the Benghazi Attacks of 2012 on her shoulders. This hearing, of course, reopened some fresh wounds from the Great Cecile Richards Inquisition from earlier this year. The two events were eerily similar: brilliant, powerful lady as target of unnecessary, partisan hearing? Check. Panel made up almost exclusively of older, white men? Check. Incessant interruption and disrespect lobbed at powerful lady? Check. But what this hearing lacked in graphs, it made up in passionate speeches defending Clinton. Overall, we’re satisfied. 

@MaryNumair via Twitter

3. Woman Tackles Trolls with Talk of Vaginal Hygiene.

What better way to scare off Planned Parenthood antagonists than detailing the state of your vaginal pH in public? Mary Numair--29-year-old copywriter from Portland and our newest feminist shero--has proven this method 100% effective. The woman got tired of walking past protesters outside her local PP, so she did what any logical person would do: she began to yell about her yeast infections of days past--specifically how Planned Parenthood had treated her for them. Yes, on the one hand, she was proving the valuable point that PP provides many medical services aside from abortions, but she was also forcing all those within earshot to confront uncomfortable topics within women’s health. Now that’s pretty badass.

P.S. - Get a lot of yeasties and/or UTIs? Check this out. It helps.

4. The Muppets Get A New Friend.

Warning: tear-jerker ahead!! What’s cuter than the Muppets? The Muppets working for over a year with various organizations like Autism Speaks and Autism Self Advocacy to create their first-ever character with autism, that’s what. Julia, the newest addition to the Muppets clan, has an invisible learning disability that affects her capacity to learn at the same pace as her peers. Though she hasn’t been introduced on the show yet, she is expected to be a major step forward for the autistic community. She’ll play with all the other Muppets just like everyone else, she’ll still be adorable, and she’ll still be just as compelling--the hope being that young kids will learn to associate autism with simply being different and not with being less desirable. Oh, sweet Sesame Street, dismantling harmful stereotypes is so feminist of you! Is it misty in here or is that just us sobbing?

5. MTV, WTF?

Remember when OITNB star Ruby Rose greeted the crowd of the MTV European Music Awards this past Sundaywith a super inclusive and progressive line about gender nonconformance? If you live in the U.S., then the answer is probably no. ...Yikes. Lots of Ruby Rose fans and feminists alike are peeved at MTV USA for cutting the line, “Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between” from the U.S. broadcast of the awards show--something they feel was a deliberate act of silencing non-binary folks like Rose. Though MTV claims they cut it for the sake of saving time, others smell something fishy. All we’re sayin’ is, “I want my MTV” and “I want my binary” have the same amount of syllables. Coincidence!?

by Team Thinx

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