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by Team Thinx | 11/05/2015

1. Ariana Grande Breaks Free From Sexism.

What do you get when you place Ariana Grande in a room full of microphones and f*ckboiz? Aside from the obvious, awkward questions--questions that, when translated from caveman into human, say, “What we ask woman? Woman know thing more than makeup?”--we apparently get an awesomely feminist rebuttal out of our favorite medium-sized Starbucks drink. In a radio interview for Los Angeles Power 106 this past week with Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux (A.K.A. scholars of the airwaves) the radio personalities used their time with the multi-platinum recording artist and vocal powerhouse to ask some of life’s most fascinating questions, such as “if you could use makeup or your phone one last time, which one would you choose?” Without so much as batting an eye, Grande was all, “Do you think that’s all women care about???” and later told them to brush up on their equality skills. So while we still haven’t forgiven her for cold-heartedly wasting precious donuts, we applaud her standing up to icky dudes and send our love her way. Bang bang, indeed!!

2. Essena O'Neill ForceQuits Deceitful Social Media.

Don’t judge a girl by her cover photo.

So, like, Team THINX owes a lot to the Internet and social media--ahem, e-commerce business over here!--but it is hard to refute that too much dependence on the interwebs can be really damaging. News this week from Australian Instagram star Essena O’Neill has introduced many to just how destructive social media can be, as she announced her retirement (sorta) from her career as an Insta-icon, and blamed her depression on the pressure of keeping up with her own entirely fabricated, online persona. In her emotional video announcing this move, O’Neill reminds people that what we see on social media is rarely an accurate portrayal of someone’s life. She talks about practicing poor self-care and wasting her days away just trying to take the perfect selfie to please her demanding followers. Hopefully now that she has quit social media, the 19-year-old will be able to enjoy her life and the young girls and women following her will learn to practice self-love instead of the intense self-scrutiny that comes with living a life on social media. Keep snappin’ selfies, but love the lady lookin’ back at you.

3. Vagina Vigilante. Done.

Let us tell you the story of how women were once considered full, equal human beings in the city of New York... way back when vaginas roamed the Earth.

Sometimes you come across a lady so hardcore, all you can do is bow down to her excellence and write about her in your weekly newsletter. Enter the Vagina Vigilante (yikes, not literally). Ok, let’s back up for a sec; remember those THINX ads that were initially rejected by a representative for the MTA? Well, a lot of brilliant, beautiful, angry women raised their voices in protest. One woman in particular, though (NYC native Yeni Sleidi) went the extra mile, doling out free tampons and informational fliers to subway riders while wearing a homemade vagina mask and headpiece. Pinch you, you’re dreaming? Nope, this woman is real! And to all the people out there who got pissed off and supported us through that whole MTA debacle: we salute you! It’s because of y’all that the MTA finally approved our proposal, and that our ads will officially be unfolding this Monday! The love in #periodpower is too real.

4. YES WE CAN(ada)!

Welcome to the future: where ensuring entirely logical and decent political representation still makes for a shocking headline!

We hope you have a valid passport because we’re all moving to Canada, pronto. That blue-eyed, blue-blooded babe otherwise known as Canada’s newest Prime Minister has won more than just the election this past week as he proved himself a real feminist by appointing 15 men to his cabinet--and also 15 women. That, for any Americans out there unfamiliar with the concept, is called gender parity! Maybe the math is a little too complex for the U.S. government, but PM Trudeau’s progressive choice has made history in Canada (let’s hope we’re next to follow!) and got us feeling a little closer to egalitarianism. And let’s not ignore that the new minister of justice is indigenous, female politician Jody Wilson-Raybould, which is an important step forward considering how Canada, like the U.S., has a terrible history of mistreating native women. A+ news. When asked why he made these very deliberate appointments, he responded with a cool, “Because it’s 2015.” *drops mic*

5. Gloria Steinem Never Goes Out of Style.

The feminist On The Road you always dreamed of!! Except totally different!

Most of you probably know us fairly well by now, and so you’re aware of how obsessed we are with Gloria Steinem (still crying about this). With the release of her new book “My Life on the Road,” Steinem has been aaallll over the varying mediums these past few weeks, flooding the web and the papers with sage advice and wonderful anecdotes from her career as a full-time feminist. One of our favorite interviews was done with Elle, where she speaks of redefining consent, the need for the gender binary (at least for now), the feminist significance of getting out in the world and talking to people, and how at 81 she is the busiest she’s ever been doing what she loves most. Gloria Steinem is and forever will be the definition of #goals.


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by Team Thinx

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