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TWIF: Vol. 16 feat. our first short film!

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TWIF: Vol. 16 feat. our first short film! Photo

by Team Thinx | 11/12/2015

Yes, we ***flawless.

1. Famous Women Get Real About Menstruation to Combat Period-Shaming.

After 7 long months, our first-ever short film, The Week, has officially launched! Our fearless leader Miki Agrawal traveled the globe and set out to share the universality of the menstrual experience amongst all women-- one of shame and anxiety, driven by an age-old taboo. There are around 150,000,000 women in the world menstruating right now, yet we rarely discuss our periods outside of whispers from woman to woman. The Week is a part of our effort to change that. It takes us back to basics, covering everything from what a period actually is, to the history of menstrual innovations, to Nike's girl effect. We would love for you to watch and share far and wide to help break this taboo with us once and for all.

2. NZ Legislators and Survivors Silenced.

Things got rather steamed up in New Zealand this past week, and not the good kind of steamy like a pot of New Zealand green-lipped mussels, for any shellfish fans out there. During a parliamentary debate over the treatment of NZ detainees (some of whom are violent criminals but most of whom were detained for misdemeanor crimes) on a remote Australian territory called Christmas Island, the conversation escalated when Prime Minister John Key accused the Labour and Green parties (those challenging the NZ government’s handling of detainees) of siding with rapists and sex offenders. However, when female legislators and survivors of sexual assault from the opposing side began to share their own stories and demand an apology from Key for his callous accusations, the women were interrupted, silenced, and asked to leave the hearing. As Clare Curran of the Labour Party commented in response to the events, what message does this send to young girls of NZ? Watch the proceedings here and prepare to be peeved.

3. Bad News Bloomingdale's.

As if the holiday season isn’t already predatory enough--are we all familiar with the timeless hit “Baby It May Be Cold Outside But It’s Colder In Here Because You’re Attempting to Sexually Assault Me”?--Bloomingdale’s just put out an ad in their catalog that features a dude creepily staring at a woman who is laughing and facing the other way, next to text that reads “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.” Ohhhh, oh no. Yikes. Nope. Bad. Pretty sure attempting to make date rape fashionable is filed under Worst Marketing Campaigns in History. And while Bloomingdale’s has issued an apology for their poor judgment, the ad cannot be pulled because it’s part of the already-distributed holiday catalog. Sigh. Speaking of controversial ads (though controversial for very different reasons, obvs), have you seen ours up in the subway yet?! #notyourgrapefruit, meet #notyoureggnog?

4. Missouri Students Take a Stand.

Ever wondered which side you’d have been on or what role you would have taken if you lived during the Civil Rights period? Welp you’re in luck! Welcome to the modern-day Civil Rights revolution revival, happening right now across the U.S. of A. While protesters have been kicking ass and taking names for years now, this past year has seen an increase in mainstream attention to the #BlackLivesMatter movement--consequently raising public consciousness of the egregious stories of U.S. racism that pop up as often as, like, every week (sometimes even every day). So what’s the buzz this week? It’s a mix of good and bad news out of the University of Missouri, where students of color have successfully organized to oust the school’s president under accusations of cultural incompetence (yay!), but are facing violent threats and pushback from white peers (we truly wish we were kidding). Our hearts are with all the brave young ladies and dudes and everyone in between who continue to get up and go to school each day, and who demand their voices be heard, even in the face of adversity and hostility. So, the question remains: what role will you take in the struggle for Civil Rights?

Image via Mingle Media

5. Reese=Feminist Goddess.

With Team THINX, it’s Women of the Year night every night of the year.

Raise those paws if you think every night should be Women of the Year night?? Can we get an amen, ladies?! But if we have to settle on just one night a year, at least this year’s Glamour celebration was replete with Reespiration (just roll with it) in the form of a badass love-letter to female ambition. Ms. Witherspoon, who was honored as one of the women of the year (#couldntagreemore), was also one of the speakers of the night. Reese’s piece(s) focused on her own relationship to career-centric ambition and denounced the cultural demonization of a woman’s ambition for things outside of finding a husband and having babies--all of which recalls happy memories of Chimamanda’s Ngozi Adichie’s flawless TEDx message from a couple years ago, also addressing ambition. The cherry on top: Witherspoon is truly dedicated to quashing the climate of sexism in the film industry in a variety of ways, such as the production company that she started in 2012 with the intent of specifically backing woman-dominated films. So how does Reese eat the patriarchy for breakfast? With-her-spoon. Bam.

by Team Thinx

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