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by Team Thinx | 11/19/2015

Feminists are positively mad about this stuff!

1. Team THINX Celebrates #TransWk.

Happy holidays! And we’re not talkin’ about Christmahanukwanza--we’re talkin’ about Trans Week, which is happening as. we. speak. As we go through the week, let’s not forget: this is a time dedicated specifically to shedding light and reflecting upon the different adversities faced by this community. On a more fun note, though, it’s also partially about celebrating all trans and non-binary people, so feel free to break out those party hats and kazoos, too. Speaking of…if you’ve been keepin’ up with Team THINX these past few days, you’d see that we, too, are taking part in the glory that is #TransWk! Perhaps you’ve seen the launch of the boyshort, AKA our newest pair of undies specifically designed to have a more gender-neutral aesthetic better-suited for people who menstruate but don’t identify as female, such as trans men. Yes, this is a thing that happens.

Let’s hear it for visibility.

2. Black Women Protest in Brazil.

News of terrorist attacks in locations all around the world can be super overwhelming and, well, terrifying. These past few weeks have been extra stressful, and, while it’s important to stay informed, it’s also important to take care of yourself. Everyone needs a lil smile here and there. So how’s about we focus on when the good guys--ahem, good gals organize and take on The Man together? Good plan, because that’s precisely what happened this past week in Brazil. Thousands of black women gathered on the capitol and shared grievances about Brazil’s own unique brand of misogynoir, or the intersection of racism and sexism. At a time where access to safe and affordable abortions, as well as access to the morning-after pill and other forms of birth control, is being almost entirely removed by extremist politicians within the country, these badass ladies are rising up and demanding that their voices be heard. Solidarity all the way from New York, ladies!

3. It's Time to Get Mad(eleine Albright).

In times of tragedy, we need to hear from our fearless feminist leaders more than ever before, especially when those leaders are Madeleine Albright. Yes, folks, be sure to thank your lucky stars for shining a little bit Albright-er this past Wednesday when the former Secretary of State/general glass-ceiling-shattering badass herself called U.S. politicians out on their B.S. for opposing Syrian refugees seeking asylum in our country. In the article she wrote for TIME, she highlights that ISIS’s endgame is actually to get us all freaked out over Syrian refugees, and that in turning them away, we’re playing right into ISIS’s plan. Super lame. Albright urges us to reconsider our stance and to welcome refugees (who are escaping wars and terror enacted by our same enemies, BTW) into our country. Yas. Finally a voice of reason.

4. The Superhero's New Clothes.

Grrrr, we want female superheroes to be comfortable and strategically clothed so that they can do their jobs and save the world! Ahhh, we’re such angry feminists!!! TBH, that sounds silly, but in light of recent events, it ain’t that silly. This past week, comic book queen Kelly Sue DeConnick was accused by members of the greater comic world (#sodude) of ~feministing while angry~ because she supported an outfit change for Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel that supposedly “covered ass.” While this sounds like a decent move to make for these superheroes--especially considering that Spiderman and Batman get to cover their asses when they fight crime--the criticism DeConnick faced is hardly surprising. Like most great pieces of feminist news, however, there was indeed a killer response to the haters wherein DeConnick pronounced her unabashed willingness to go all out angry feminist on her critics so they could experience what a real angry feminist looks like. Pow fricken pow. That’s what you get when you mess with the sheroes.

5. Texas Study Highlights Need for ReproJustice.

We know it, you know it, and now the government knows it, too (whether or not they listen to it is a whole other story). There has finally been a study conducted in Texas on whether or not women pursue self-induced abortions--often dangerous and extremely painful--if their access to medically safe, affordable, and legal abortions has been severed. The result: UM. YEAH. With the increase in anti-abortion legislation and activism that has been circling around many states, and Texas in particular, there has been an upswing in reported cases of self-attempted abortions, with numbers of women reaching into the hundred thousands. While many reproductive justice advocates have spoken about this trend for decades, there is hope with the release of this study that different groups will realize that making safe, legal, and affordable abortions scarce does not effectively limit the amount of abortions that occur; it simply makes women suffer unnecessarily. All eyes on you, Texas!

by Team Thinx

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