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TWIF Vol. 18, Special THINXGIVING Edition

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TWIF Vol. 18, Special THINXGIVING Edition Photo

by Team Thinx | 11/26/2015

Amy Schumer in Trainwreck, Universal Pictures

Oh, oh, oh, it's THINX-giving! We, we, we are gonna have a good time.

This week in feminism, we decided to shake things up and reflect a lil' bit. We thought: no better time than Thanksgiving to be grateful for all of you feminists and the progress you've delivered unto greater womankind over this past year, which has truly proven itself as the year of the "fourth wave."

This year, we're grateful for... 

* Rupi Kaur, Kiran Gandhi, and badass British protesters (say that three times fast, yikes) for rejecting a life of “luxury” and bleeding all over the damn place--and never apologizing.

* The influx (and widespread acceptance!!) of alternative menstrual care. #Yay! :)

* The MTA….sorta (lol).

* Amy Schumer for putting out another year’s worth of stellar feminist commentary.

* Viola Davis for changing the face of the #Femmy’s and for standing up for women of color.

* Broadly for launching a channel that successfully provides a platform for female voices.

* Planned Parenthood and everyone who stood up for reproductive justice.

* Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the #DemDebates that brought national attention to important issues.

* Gloria Steinem and her new book My Life On The Road for showing us that feminism is a lifelong commitment.

* Suffragette for highlighting an important part of herstory that is often overlooked (but hey! We're just as thankful for the activists who were critical of it, too).

* Jon Oliver’s star-studded sex education crash course and all the sex ed professionals working to educate and empower the masses.

* Serena Williams, Mo’ne Davis, the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, and all other female champs for reminding us what it means to “play like a girl.”

* Fearless activists like Bree Newsome who stare institutionalized racism in the face and refuse to step down.

* LaVerne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner, Sawyer DeVuyst, and all other trans people dedicated to bringing trans and non-cis issues to the mainstream.

* All these badass witches.

* Aaaaaand finally we're grateful for any and all of y'all who have read, shared, enjoyed, and supported "This Week in Feminism" for the few months we've had it running so far. The outpouring of love we've received has been overwhelming, and like, we just can't even.

So thank you. And have a wonderful THINXgiving. Cheers! (insert new Champagne poppin' emoji here).

by Team Thinx

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