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A Guide to Period Sex and Why You Should Do It (Literally)

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A Guide to Period Sex and Why You Should Do It (Literally) Photo

by Breanna From Thinx | 11/02/2016

Ah, period sex, how I love thee. It’s a time where men and women get to swap stereotypes. Bodily fluid, you say? Boy, have I got some of that for you. Libido that won’t quit? Oh, honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Oh? You’ve run out of lube? Don’t sweat it, I’ve got a week’s worth ready to rumble.

Learning to normalize and celebrate a natural process of the female body is so integral not only for the physical wellbeing (enjoyment) of women, but also for the mental wellbeing (enjoyment) of women (and men). Periods are not “other,” they just are, and they have been since the dawn of time. Not that I would know exactly when that is; I am not a morning person. 

So, how do you do it? And why? And will Winona still have an infatuation with Christmas lights in Season 2 of Stranger Things or what? I digress. Here is a guide to getting it on while your uterine lining is getting out.

Supplies Needed

  1. An open-minded partner who makes you feel like the confident and gorgeous goddess that you are.

  2. Protection. It is possible to still get pregnant while having your period, and it is always possible to contract an STI, so cover your bases.

  3. A towel. This is so that during the act of horizontal naked dancing, your mind can focus on the fun rather than whether the mattress is going to look like a scene from Carrie. For the record, it won’t. Not that much blood is coming out of you anyway. The average amount of liquid flow during your period is less than 60 ml—that’s an easy shot of tequila.

  4. A pair of underwear that makes you feel sexy, even when your cramps and bloating don’t.

How It Works

There are a variety of ways to go about period sex. The bed works wonderfully by offering a comfortable environment to assess which positions you and your partner like the most. Lay down a towel, look into each others eyes, and express that love and respect.

The first time I had sex while I was on my period was also the first time I had sex in the shower. Top knot your hair and away you go. Make sure your feet are grounded, and please do not make the mistake of grabbing onto the shower curtain like I did.

That’s one of the huge positives about having sex during this time—it allows for creativity and imagination, not only around location, but also in regards to different types of physical stimulation.

Why It’s Awesome

The benefits to having period sex are more than Obamacare could possibly dream of providing (just kidding, but like, maybe). Because of all the natural lubricant, things will be working at full steam. And once your body reaches that “I’ll have what she’s having” moment, your muscles will tense and relax, your endorphins will run, your cramping will subside, and you can fall asleep and drool on your partner.

If you’re like me, and somehow keep mistaking the ramen restaurant for the gym, period sex can also offer one of the most glorious of workout options. It’s like running a marathon, but instead of a medal at the finish line, you get:

  1. Headache relief: In this study, 70% of migraine patients who engaged in sexual activity during an attack reported moderate to complete relief.

  2. Mood improvement: Orgasms have been proven to release endorphins and endorphins have been proven to boost your mood. It’s not rocket science, people.

  3. Cramp alleviation: Not only does your blood flow increase when you climax, your uterine muscles also release chemicals to the brain that offer natural pain relief. This magic combo means some serious cramp relief (and an orgasm—win-win!)

Throw a post-coitus back tickle in there and you’ve got the makings for one health improving night.

Other benefits include the aforementioned “lube” boost (srsly tho) and the perfect opportunity for an honest pre-coital convo. After all, if you’re going to have period sex, you’re going to have a pretty real conversation about comfort zones first.

In the end, sex is great, so why let something that is perfectly normal and healthy get in the way? The world doesn’t have to stop for a week because society says that’s what your uterus wants. Our uteruses want to be worshipped, so turn on that Marvin Gaye, light a couple of candles, and let the lovin’ flow.

by Breanna From Thinx

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