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BRB Riding The Emotional DNC-Coaster

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BRB Riding The Emotional DNC-Coaster Photo

by Emma Glassman-Hughes | 07/28/2016

This past week of Democratic National Convention coverage has given us everything from a well-deserved and inclusive respite from the bigotry of the previous week, to an exclusive look into Joe Biden’s side hustle, to fantasies about reversing the sexism of the role of the First Spouse, to a lesson in makeup application (if we didn’t love Tim Kaine before, we sure love him now), to all the Drumpf burns your heart can handle. And on top of the obvious glass-ceiling-crackage that is the #official Hillary Clinton nomination, this week has been swelling with feminist moments--and somethin’ tells us you won’t want to miss them.

Here are some of those unmissables that will have you laughing and crying, sometimes simultaneously, and always with gusto:

1. This article came out, outlining just some of the ways we can expect changes with a female president. Spoiler alert: women get shit done. The end.

2. Every single one of these women from Mothers of the Movement brought down the house, and was followed by this incredible performance. #BlackLivesMatter

3. Michelle Obama nailed why HRC’s nomination is huge for women of all backgrounds, everywhere.

4. This entrance and embrace melted our faces with cuteness.

5. Larry Sanders, AKA big bro of the Bern, showed us why Philly really is the city of brotherly love. *single tear*

6. Sarah Silverman said what many (not all!) of us were thinking.

7. We reveled in what will probs be the last major speech from the only kind of B.O. that we love.

8. Bill Clinton took us all on the wild (and long) ride that is his love for his wife. It's like... that's cute, but also... chill, Bill.

9. This whole debacle with Elizabeth Banks (who is a queen) and Queen (the band). What fun wordplay!

10. Lena and America. I mean, come on, y’all. Truly, ‘nuff said.

Did we miss somethin’ juicy? Let us know down below!

by Emma Glassman-Hughes

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